Yoga 12 SSD failure need replacement suggestions

My Intel SSD Pro 2500 (ssdsc2bf180a5l) failed after 4 years.  Looking to replace with something compatible and new. Any drives I should avoid? Any suggestions?  Picture of Bios info page attached. Thanks.  Ed


Moderator note: image containing serial number removed to prevent abuse. MT-M is 20DLCTO1WW

What in the world is wrong with chat support??

I’ve been trying to get on with chat support for THREE DAYS now. I fill out the form, a new window loads, putting me in a queue, where I seem to be making progress, and after an hour I get kicked out and told that there is no one available to speak to me. Yesterday I continuously repeated this process for EIGHT HOURS, and it looks like I’m doing it again today.


When chat kicks me out, they give me the option to request a follow-up via email, which I’ve also done, but received no response at all.


Where are all the Lenovo support staff??

no pen and touch input

Hi guys
I have brand new Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB. And from the begging i have no touch there. I have tried everything. Turning on and off Hid drivers. I have upgraded every single driver from lenovo website. And even intel drivers from their website. Installed the brand new version of Win10. Nothing happens still no pen and touch input. Do you have any ideas? 

Onelink+ dock 40A40090UK

I just bought Onelink+ dock 40A40090UK and I am using X1 carbon (Gen5). Unfortunately, my X1 Carbon (Gen 5) has no port to connect the Dock because the Dock came with a cable that is neither type c nor USB 3.0 Does anybody knows any adapter that can convert Onlink to type c.



Error Downloading Packages using BOMC

Trying to download the packages to make a bootable update image for and x240 8737 and every time i get to the "Type IBM Requisite Package" and i get an error and the process stops I have tried version 11.6 and 11.5 of the tool. 

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