My laptop (Y520-15IKBN) is not  turning on. (Charging LED is also not lighting up)


History –>

1. First I used ADP plan to change the faulty back cover of the laptop.

2. After 6-7 days,   HDD drive  started showing it problems ( Lots of blue screens ) ( Hard disk Active time 100% but read/write speed 0)

3. I reInstalled windows but same problem, lots of blue screens.

4. I opened the laptop, closed it and tried to turn on but laptop did not turn on.

5. I opened again and can smell the smoke from the chipset.


So, I suspect that chipset is shorted. (Actually I touched the heatsink over chipset and it was hot when battery connected to motherboard)

And I have no idea if some other component is also faulty.


Here are chipset details –> V715A814, 01178, H59457 01 EHD, SR30W –> these are number from the chipset which I read but I do not know what they mean. I am planning to change the chipset.  Where can I get new chipset??


Motherboard –> MB L 80WK WIN I5-7300 G1 4G BL


If someone experienced can guide me, It will be very helpful.

Thank you.

XT1902-2 wifi problem (change network all time)

Hi Guys, My Lenovo K8 Plus have a strange behavior: cannot connect the my home wifi for more than 1 min (on the most). The cellphone change all time of network wifi. impossible use this.
my router is DIR-809 with firmware 1.09 (hardware version A2).
Model: XT1902-2
android 8.0.0
MARINO.0.V10, 2018/06/25 20:58
Kernel : 4.4.83+hudsoncm@ilclbld29 #1
compilation: OMC27.70-47
S/N : HNB49—

Anyone can help me??

Lenovo Legion Y520 HDD missing when 100% performance


i have lenovo legion y520 with 250GB SSD and 1TB HDD installed. I placed my os in SSD. When the HDD performance is 100% at task manager like i copy big files, scanning with antivirus, defragmenting, or something that make it work hard, it suddenly disconnected/missing. I have to restart or hibernate and turn it on again to reconnect the HDD. I read somewhere that it is bios compatibility problem and need upgrade. I upgraded my bios to the newest version but the problem still exist. I checked the HDD health still fine no bad sector or anything.

Any clues on whats wrong, and the solution? 

thank you very much

Lenovo Smart Clock making calls

When making a call to someone in my google contacts, the smart clock will place the call, however my phone number is not dispayed to the recipient. My number shows to them as restricted (obviously no one will pick up restricted calls). how can I get my number to display? FYI that I ran through every setting in google preferences and the Home app and also chatted with Google Home support at length – of course they ended up referring me to Lenovo support.

Preload Fail – Windows 10 Recovery USB Ideapad 330


I bought this USB with the objective of restoring my computer, because the Microsoft store had been uninstalled and lacked many drivers and programs. However, as much as I try to run the recovery, this image appears to me. Would someone be kind enough to tell me how to solve this, please?

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