x1 carbon gen 5 coating coming off from back

my x1 carbon is out of warranty for a few months and the coating on the bottom is coming off messing up clothes and furniture. it also looks very bad. the computer is 1.5 years old.


lenovo needs to work on quality control and on quality in general in order to be able compete with apple and co.

nothing comes off an apple computer even after 10 years of hard use. it looks like new.

i had a broken ssd in the x1 carbon which was replaced by lenovo under warranty. then lenovo issued a recall for an exploding battery issue. a technician came to my home after i protested that i should go somewhere to fix it. 

to summarise: lenovo has good service but the product quality needs improvments. x1 carbon is the top product. the coating comes off after 1.5 years. seriously?



E31 Thinkstation Bricked after failed BIOS update

So I just got this E31 Workstation (ThinkStation) – Type 2552 but it had windows 10 on it but I prefer windows 7 so I started from scratch installing it after reformatting and everything was going just fine until I needed to get some drivers. I went to Lenovo.com and found the automatic driver update and proceeded to install it. The BIOS update was offered on the list and even though everything seemed to be going quite well, I decided to go ahead and update that too. Big mistake.


Now the computer starts up, lights, fans work and the hard drive light flickers but no monitor, beeps, or any response to keyboard, etc.


I began to research the issue and found "https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkStation-Workstations/E31-Bios/td-p/3949634" which best discribe this problem. I followed the instructions for clearing the CMOS p87 of the user guide without success then proceeded to "Recovering from a POST/BIOS update failure" on p94.


I downloaded the "https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/thinkcentre_bios/9sj99cusa.iso" and burned it to disk with windows 10, installed it into the E31, set pins to 2-3, pulled the CMOS battery with all power disconnected and pressed the power button for good measure. After replacing the battery, I turned on the powerbar and the computer powered up. With the exception of the cd drive spinning up, there seemed to be nothing else happening as before but I left it for over 15 minutes each time I tried it.


After resetting the pins to 1-2, trying both leaving the cd in and out, and rebooting there seems to be no change. All together 5 attempt as of now.


I opened the cd up on the Windows 10 machine to check it and all the files seem intact and the file system is CDFS. I also noticed there is a file called 9SJT9CA.IMG listed so am wondering if only that should have been burned rather than the whole ISO?


Can anyone clarify the burn process for me?

Lenovo Ideapad 330 with high DPC latency

I recently got an Ideapad 330 and at first it didn’t have any issues, but a week or so ago I started to notice the audio would have some pops and crackling every once in a while. I though it was an issue with the audio drivers, so I reinstalled and updated them multiple times to no avail. I noticed it happened both with the built-in speakers and with headphones, so it wasn’t a problem with the speakers. I looked more into what else it could be and found it could be caused by high DPC latency, and sure enough, it was. Latencymon shows that dxgkrnl.sys, tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe have high DPC latency, sometimes going over 1000μs. But the main culprit here is ndis.sys. When wi-fi is enabled, latency stays at around 500μs, sometimes with ndis.sys spiking at nearly 4000μs. As soon as I disable WLAN in the BIOS, the DPC latency drops significantly, only ocasionally going over 1000μs. With WLAN disabled and using Ethernet, DPC latency hasn’t gone over 700μs in the 20 minutes I’ve been testing. That’s still pretty high and the audio does crackle from time to time, but it’s still better than using wi-fi. I’ve already tried refreshing Windows, installing older drivers for the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter and updating it, but it seems the only solution I can find for keeping DPC latency low is not using wi-fi at all and sticking to ethernet, but since this is a notebook that’s pretty **bleep** inconvinient. I’ve tested Ubuntu and it doesn’t have any sound issues at all, so I guess I can use another OS rather than Win 10 too, but that’s a last case solution. I’ve contacted Lenovo support and they told me to send them the notebook to get it fixed since it’s still under warranty, but since this is a software issue sooner or later it’s gonna show up again.

So, is there any way to fix this? I’ve already tried everything I can find online, and I’m afraid doing a fresh install of Windows is only gonna be a short-term solution.

Thinkpad e585 Fan Speed Problem


I have some fan issues with this brand new notebook.


It doesnt slow down. Like never. And that causes a constant irritating noise.
It stops sometimes for like a minute, and then again %100, not slow spinning.

Actually on paper -lenovo diagnostics tool- it spins like %800, or more? Not sure whats the original RPM is.

It came today as FreeDos. Fan was loud even on first launch. I tought it would be settled after windows and lenovo tools etc.
I just created a bootable usb (used an offical win10x64 iso downloaded from microsoft) and succesfully installed it. Fan noise was there, without any problems otherwise.
Then i continued with windows updates and then lenovo drivers and softwares from the support page, including bios update. Everything works without a problem. Also installed the Vantage and checked/installed whats left.

Tweaked the power settings. Tried even power saver mode with %50 cpu. Fan is still spinning full force while its idle at 30ish degrees with %2-3 utilization. Tried with AC connected and on only battery, its same.


Lenovo Diagnostics Tool also gives an error when i test the fan. 


Also when I shut down (not restart, restart works as normal) via windows, screen goes black but fan noise still keeps coming, in order to actually shut down I have to hold down the power button. Not sure thats related the fan issue tho.

Can this be fixed?

Hardware failure?


V330 15IKB Lenovo Energy Management

I downloaded that recently released Lenovo Energy Management for my model, and installed it. I can’t find it on start menu or anywhere else. Just some files in C:/Drivers/Lenovo_Energy_Management. How can I use the service?

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