Upgraded CPU to i7-4790k = No boot

Computer: Lenovo TS140 (System SKU LENOVO_MT_Thin_BU_LENOVO_FM_70A4000HUX)

Old CPU: i3-4130 LGA1150
New CPU: i7-4790k LGA1150


The motherboard is Lenovo IS8XM which I upgraded to the latest bios firmware available, LENOVO FBKTCWAUS, 2/6/2018.


With the new CPU in all I get is fans, no beeps, no monitor.  With no cpu at all I get the same result.  It would seem that either the CPU is dead (unlikely) or it isn’t supported by the motherboard.  Through troubleshooting suggestions I unplugged everything possible, removed all but one memory stick.  If I put the old CPU back in it boots fine.  I also tried clearing CMOS (AKA Reset BIOS Settings) by removing the battery for several minutes while the server is unplugged.


It would be great to get confirmation as to whether this board will support the new processor.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had any success at finding any documentation.

Lenovo G510s doesn't turn on.

I have a Lenovo G510s Touch, lately when I turn Off the laptop, doesn’t turn on immediately if I need so, I have to wait a few minutes and then turn on the laptop, if try to turn on the laptop immediately, the screen keeps black but I can hear the fans running, so in this situation I have to push the power button around 6 seconds, shut the computer off totally, wait, I don’t Know, probably around 3 to 5 minutes and the turn on the computer. I did a windows 10 actualization no to long ago, but it was behaving the same before that, but not to often like it does now, now behave like I described before, every time I turn the laptop off. Another thing is that if I want to restart the computer, restarting, the screen goes off and never restart totally, like before keeps the fans running and the screen keeps black, if I leave it like that, gets itself to hot, I have, like I said before, to shut the computer off totally pushing the power button 6 seconds, wait, and then turn on the computer again, if anybody has an answer to this I’ll be very thankful.

Lenovo Thinkpad E570 – No sound after April Windows 1803 Feature Update (Green bars moves)



After updating my laptop to the latest April 1803 Windows feature updates, my sound no longer works.  When I play a video clip, I see green bars moves.  Troubleshooting steps taken:


1) Update drivers

2) Uninstalled and re-update drivers

3) Disable sound enhancement

4) Updated bios and all software are updated to latest version.


I work for a small company and two laptops are experiencing the same issue.  This is driving me crazy.  I have tried to revert back the windows update through System/Security > Recovery, but there is no option to let me revert back.

W540 BIOS update failed using Lenovo System Update


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W540 which is out of warranty.  While using the Lenovo System Update utility to update the BIOS, the BIOS update failed, and now my W540 will no longer boot.  Is there a way to restore the BIOS without replacing the system board?


Is there a place where can I download the BIOS file (not only the upgrade utility)?


Thank you!

New Touch Firmware X1 Yoga 1st gen 20FQ/20FR

Very recently a new touch firmware was posted to:



I read previous topics on this forum where touch stopped working after updating touch screen firmware. So I am very nervous about this. i am usually compulsively applying every update available for my X1 Yoga Oled 1st gen. Has anyone tried this firmware update?

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