Thnikpad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock 40AN not working with Thinkpad P52 Laptop 20MA

I bought the Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock 40AN to use with my Thinkpad P52 Laptop 20MA. But the dock will not switch on after I have connected it to the 170W charger and my P52 laptop. I don’t understand what could be the problem. It should just switch on. My laptop says that it is plugged in and that it is fully charged. Besides not switching on, the devices that I connect to the dock do not work. I’m sure that there is something very basic that I’m not doing. I’d appreciate advice on how to solve this problem. 


ideapad 130-15AST Laptop (Type 81H5) vidio card swich

I have a Lenovo laptop (Lenovo ideapad 130-15AST )

and it has AMD Radeon R4 graphics (primary/Integrated, 512MB of Memory)

 and 2nd graphics is AMD Radeon 530 (discrete/Switchable, 2GB of Memory),


so i wanna switch primary graphics to AMD Radeon 530

but i can"t find how to do this 

T490 screen freezes – the only way to unfreeze it is to close/open the lid


I bought a T490 a few month ago. I was really enjoying this laptop until very recently when my screen started to randomly freeze (during youtube/netflix videos for example). 

During these freezing events, i am unable to move my cursor or ctrl+alt+del or anything. Completly frozen. I am however still able to hear the sound of the video, which goes perfectly smooth and continue as if nothing was happening. It seems that only the display part of the laptop is going wild here. 

The only way to solve this issue is for me to close the lid and open it again. It always happens when I open new tabs/videos or if I let the computer run for a while without manipulating it (during a movie for example).

I have absolutely no idea where it could come from. It started a few days ago, that’s all I know. 

Have any of you experienced similar things ? I hope it is only software-related and not hardware… 

Thank you very much, 


Recent order from Lenovo has been cancelled

So I tried to buy Lenovo ThinkPad e495 from their official site with my Visa debit card and I got an email like a few hours later that my order got canceled but I’m still charged with the money. What do I do? I need my money back since they are not sending the laptop so there’s no point in keeping the money. 

X1 4th gen: lower-quality panel after warranty replacement – options?

Hi all,


I recently went to a US Premier Service Partner to get a warranty replacement panel for my X1 4th gen. Now, I’m happy insofar as the replacement was quick and the new display doesn’t have the rather obvious visual defects of the old one. However, the unit originally came with a B140HAN01.7 panel; the service center now installed a LP140WF6-SPH2, which has a significantly smaller color gamut.


Now, two questions:

1) Is this type of inferior replacement something I have to simply accept, or am I actually entitled to a similar-quality replacement panel as the original?

2) If a second replacement should indeed be covered, can I do that at any service center/partner? Because I had the replacement done while moving I won’t be able to access the original service partner.



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