T480: What does constent red led light at charge port means?

On my 2 months old T480 ThinkPad, sometimes (happened 3 times so far) when I disconnect cable (type-c cable) from the docking station/box and then reconnect to the docking station/box (e.g. after a meeting) – following does not work:
1) Does to connect to external displays/monitors.
2) Showing charging (in windows 10 status/task bar), but actually does not charge (battery % is decreasing at very faster rate than normal battery usage).
3) Doesn’t connect to wired network on the dock box.

However, the mouse and keyboard connected to the docking box works. Simple restart of the laptop did not fix the issue.

I saw some where (lenovo support site) to disconnect the battery and and charger, and hold down the power button for 10-30 sec to do static reset, which fixes the problem.

I am unable to reproduce this issue consistently, but happened so far 3 times, on this new-ish 2 months old laptop. (upgraded from T450, after 4 years without issue, that I was very happy with).


Lenovo Service Request 4083JV6.
But lenovo support was not able help/troubleshoot without able to reproduce this issue.

But when this issue happens, the led light at the charge port stays red (not blinking, just red on), even when it is not connected to charger (or docking).

So my question is what does it mean when red light at charge port always on?

Synaptics Audio Driver Causing issues in Sound Volume

Hello, recently i updated windows and somehow this synaptics audio smart hd driver ws installed which is causing my speaker and microphone sound to become very low, i want to uninstall this driver but even after trying from device manager it automatically install itself after restart.

Solutions i have tried are:

For speaker adjusting loudness equalization this seems to solve the problem. But i don want this hassle as previous high definition driver was perfect for me.

For Microphone nothing seems to work. when using default apps like cortana or sound recorder voice is clear but while using chrome , messenger there is very low sound.

Please need help for this.

Lenovo/EMC px12-400r Domain issues

I am having issue with our  px12-400r.  I was unable to get to the web interface so I had to power the unit off.  When it came back, everything looked normal, I was able to login.  I created a new share (the initial reason for me trying to get to the device) and then tried to assign domain users to it.  There were no users or groups being displayed from our domain.  I see the device in our domain.  When I pull it from the domain and add it back, it adds the administrator account used to join the domain but sitll show no users or groups.  Lenovo support has had my try to update the code on the device (and now downgrade).  It just does not seem to be reading and users or groups from the domain.  Server 2012 R2 is the functional level.  I can remove the device from AD, join it back to AD, the device shows up in Computers and Users (so I think it joins the domain) and still no users.  I think time is in sync as well.  Hopefully somebody has seen this.  Lenovo/EMC support has been helpful but there is no resolution.  Thanks!! 

X131e freezes when lid is closed

T480, 5120×1440 monitor on USB-C



is it possible to use a monitor with a resolution of 5120×1440 with the Intel UHD 620 in my T480?


Thanks in advance!

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