No More Dolby Setting in Vantage AND Dolby App Not Working



I have a Thinkpad E585. I have 2 Dolby issues:

1. I just noticed that my Vantage app (v is missing Dolby settings. 

2. Launching my standalone Dolby App displays "Unable to start dolby audio… reinstall the driver…".

I have uninstalled Dolby App but Vantage system update does not reinstall, so now I have no Dolby App. I do not know where to download Dolby App.


I have also uninstalled Synaptics SmartAudio HD from device manager and reinstalled Audio driver v8.66.77.65 from Lenovo support site, but nothing has changed.



ssd not recognized on T480


I’ve bought a SATA III SSD to put on the second slot of my laptop but I haven’t done enough research by the way this SSD doesn’t work on this slot. So I had an amazing idea try it on the slot where my first SSD with fedora (Linux) work. It works I’ve installed Windows on the SSD but when I put my SSD with fedora in this slot back the SSD isn’t recognized. 

I’m sorry for my terrible English and I hope someone could help me.

Thanks for reading,

Fingerprint Sensor cannot start (code 10)

When I turned on my computer my fingerprint sign in option disappeared. I searched up online and tried almost every solution, and some of them worked, but then after a while, it stops again. Can anyone help?

Ideapad 130-15AST – Issues with keyboard and replacement keyboard



I have a laptop that I recently replaced a keyboard for but none of the keys seem to be working besides the power key.


Originally, the laptop had water spilt on it, which caused the keyboard to press keys randomly and incorrecly, even without any buttons beng pressed physically.


Because of this, the on-screen keyboard and any external keyboard wouldn’t work since the laptop’s keyboard would keep pressing buttons. As a result, I had to uninstall the driver labeled Standard PS/2 Keyboard to use an external keyboard in the meantime.


I ordered the replacement keyboard, and seemingly successfully replaced the old one. However, aside from the power button none of the keys work when I press them on this new keyboard. 


I’ve played around with it but I can’t seem to figure out the issue. I did notice a number of things that might be worth mentioning.


When I use the on-screen keyboard and click on the Caps-Lock key, the Caps-Lock key on the keyboard lights up so it looks like they are communicating.


I don’t think there is an issue or water damage to the pins on the motherboard because when I swap the new keyboard with the damaged keyboard, random keys are still being pressed. Could the issue be with the new keyboard?


Finally, I’m noticing something odd with the Standard PS/2 Keyboard driver. Despite uninstalling it, it looks like it came back by itself, possibly from an update. I’ve been trying to uninstall it and reinstall it to see if it’s the issue. After uninstalling it, it asks me to restart the computer to finish the process. After restarting the computer, the driver still seems to appear on the device list. I also tried updating the driver but when I do it seems to update the ELAN Touchpad driver. Could the issue be with a corrupt driver?



30+ second Bios times on P52

In the past week after recieving my P52 (i7-8850, P3200, 32GRAM (256GSSD x2, 512HDD)) from lenovo after a motherboard replacement, I have noticed that my laptop has been posting 30+ second bios boot times (as checked in control center) whereas before I recieved it, I was posting 3-4 second times.


My boot order is as follows:

1. Windows Boot Manager



4. NVMe0 (I’m assuming my C drive)

5. NVMe1 (E drive)



8. ATA HDD0 (D drive?)




Unfortunately I do not know the configuration from before. My only startup programs are f.lux, Defender notification, one drive, and Rainmeter. Disabling does not seem to change the time.


Another change is that the windows splash screen pops up during boot, when previously only the lenovo boot logo would appear before the lock screen. This happens when waking from a full power down and from hibernation. I’m not extremely tech savvy but I can try and get any logs needed if guided.


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