Moved ix4-300d to New Network – Shares Not Showing Up in Windows 10

I just moved my ix4-300d from my home to my work location. Just before the move, I did update the firmware to the latest (4.1.310.34505).


On the new network, I can access the configuratoin of the ix4-300d by typing in the IP address in a web broswer. I want all the shares folders to show up in windows 10 File Explorer but nothing is showing up.  I tried to "Add a Network Location" but when select "Browse", only my PC is showing up and nothing else.


I then installed the LenovoEMC Storage Manager app and it couldn’t find the ix4-300d on the scan. I had to manually enter the IP address to find it. I thought that was strange. That still didnt’ change anything.


I then when to the Shares App under the All Features tab. All my shares are listed. I then added a new share and now that share is listed on Windows 10 under Network Locations. I then toggled off/on the Media Sharing button for all my shares (that had Media Sharing on) and then my Pictures share showed up but nothing else.


Can anyone help me have all my Shares visable in Windows 10?

T470/T25 4K external monitor slows down mashine

Have one 4K 6Hz monitor connected to my T25 which is the same mashine as the T470. The mashine just gets so slow, and GPU/CPU running hot and slow with fan on often just from browsing and youtube. When using the 1080p screen in the laptop with same tasks no problems.


Should it not be able to handle 4K screen? If not what resolution is the sweetspot for external display?


Have connected the monitor with display port from my ultra dock.

Ideapad 320S 14IKB HDD upgrade without breaking the warranty



I have just bought an IdeaPad 320S 14IKB, Intel i5, 8gb of RAM and 128gb SSD. I want to add an HDD of 2tb. So, I have a couple of questions:


1) is this HD compatible with my laptop: Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB 2.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive (7 mm Form Factor, 128 MB Cache SATA 6GB/s Up to 140 MB/s), part number ST2000LM015


2) If I add this additional component without damaging the laptop, can I brake the warranty or have a problem with the warranty? 


Thanks for your help.






Lenovo Ideapad Z570 Motherboard and Processor Upgrade

Hi ,


I have Lenovo Idepad Z570 Laptop


This is the Current Configuration.


I want to Upgarde to i7 Quad Core Processor with Maximum Supported Ram 16GB.


S/N:- ##########


Hello, i have the lenovo y520 1060 6gb version from a few days, but i fight with problems often. One of the problems is something like the screen tearing, but i find it only in the details, when i move somewhere like in the witcher 3, CS:GO i see how the details move too with or without anti aliasing and v sync..
Another problem is that some applications (like nvidia GeForce experience) are not HD. The Resolution is 1920×1080 by default and scale 125% (Recommended).
So why i am here, i cant play Battlefield 1 on ultra or something than LOW… Even The GeForce Experience gives me  THIS as optimization and its unbelievable, because i saw lenovo y520 1050ti with better framerate than mine on ultra between 60 so.. The video is here
Best Regards,


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