Lenovo Solution Center hardware scan hangs on video memory test

Continually receiving the below warning causing the hardware scan to hang at 81 percent completion:


Video Memory Test       Warning     The video diagnostic encountered a problem while trying to communicate with the video driver.


System is Lenovo H50-55 desktop AMD A10-7800 w/Radeon R7 Graphics card, 12GB memory, 2 AOC 2060W3 monitors, running Windows Home edition (64bit)

Boot looping/ not starting windows


recently I purchased a thinkpad T440s and today, when trying to use it, it wouldn’t boot windows 10.

i took out the external battery and also done a hard reset 

the normal boot thinkpad screen would pop up, but that is it.

when using it, the error popped up that there has been a error with windows

please help


SSD upgrade 330-17IKB (Type 81DM)


I have question aboute laptop upgrade. There is a posiblility to add additional ssd or hdd hard drive to this model ?



Y700-34ISH Desktop CPU upgrade i6700k?

Will the i7 6700k work with my motherboard? 

Screen artifacts. Lenovo ThinkPad T450

The artifacts appeared only today after the notebook was left on sleep mode for the night. Actually, I always leave my laptop on sleep mode when i am not using it instead of shutting it down. The notebook was almost never overloaded or overheated. 


Two videos showing them on the desktop and during the loading of a game(sorry for the low quality):



The orgins of the artifacts are separated into three sections on the screen.

The artifacts seem to occur around dark spots. 

The artifacts occur during booting..

There are no artifacts on an external monitor connected through VGA.


What are these artifacts? 



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