Legion Y720 Warranty – How hot is too hot?

Just to give some context (and apologies ahead of time for the length of this, but I figure it helps to give as much relevant information as possible): I bought my Legion Y720 back in December 2017. And right away, I noticed that it would get worryingly hot under any sort of graphical stress- I mean, I bought the thing after seeing reviews of it being able to handle games like Fallout 4 on the maximum settings, but even something as old as Skyrim (one of the most recent games that I own on Steam, since my previous laptop broke back in 2013) would cause heat to bleed up through the keyboard and make the bottom of the laptop too hot to sit directly on my lap.


So I decided to start keeping track with Core Temp, and less than thirty minutes of Skyrim on high-ish settings would see my CPU temperatures climb right into the 80 degree range and regularly peaking into the 90’s. Same result with Overwatch and World of Warcraft, even on the middling graphical presets, which seems pretty unusual given the benchmark videos that I’ve seen online for this laptop. And it’s not like those are even particularly demanding games either. The only way I’ve been able to play anything comfortably is by turning down every graphics option that I can stand to lose on WoW and manually lowering the maximum processor state under my power plan settings to 85%… and yet it ~still~ manages to hit the mid 60’s. I don’t even feel confident enough to play other games at this point, or heaven forbid, buy any new ones on Steam.


Now, I have a 1-year warranty with about 160 days left, and while I’ve put up with this so far, getting closer to that point has me wondering if I should try and see if my laptop might just be defective in some way, because I would honestly love to start branching out into more demanding games.


A few things to clarify:

1.) I’ve made sure that I’m not smothering the intake vents on the bottom of the laptop with a blanket or something. Both sides of the bottom casing seem like they are sucking in air just fine, but when the laptop gets hot, the heat seems pretty concentrated near the center-right of the keyboard.


2.) I haven’t bought a cooling pad for it yet, since saving up for an external hard drive has been my biggest priority (to transfer things over from my previous laptop). But from everything I’ve heard, it seems like that wouldn’t really ~solve~ the issue anyway, as much as just shave a few degrees off the top and make it more comfortable to physically have on my lap without soothing my fears.


3.) The laptop is barely over six months old, and this has been a problem since the first week I took it out of the box. So I can’t imagine it’s an issue of dust or something clogging up the fans, and given that I first got it in the middle of a New York winter, it definitely should not be a climate issue. The more recent summer weather certainly hasn’t helped, but it’s definitely not what is causing the issue.


4.) I bought the model with a GTX 1060, an i7-7700HQ processor, and 8 GB of RAM. Which seems like it should be more than adequate to handle modern games without threatening to melt itself in protest.


5.) I have tried using the Extreme Cooling feature that the Legion series is known for. It… helps, but only by a handful of degrees. And it’s definitely not worth the trade-off with the noise. Not to mention that it would be a little weird for me to have to keep it on 100% of the time while gaming when it’s not like I live in a desert or something.


6.) Weirdly, the heat seems to be a lot more of an issue with the CPU than the GPU. The highest that I’ve seen the GPU get is in the 70 degree range, but by that point, the CPU is usually already hot enough that I feel the need to quit, so maybe it just takes longer.



As best as I can guess, the issue might have something to do with the thermal paste? But I’m not experienced enough to crack it open and check. Also, that I’m not really sure where the line is of what could void my warranty if I start poking around.


So, my main question is… for those who are familiar with how Lenovo usually handles these things, do you think my current concerns would be enough for Lenovo to accept my warranty and look into repairing/replacing it? Or do I need to wait for some kind of fatal symptom to pop up so that I have more concrete proof beyond trying to explain just how hot it feels while gaming and hoping that I get someone on the line who understands what games I am referencing, so they know that I’m not trying to run The Witcher 3 on ultra settings in 4k or something?


Alternatively, would it be easier to just take my laptop somewhere locally, where someone more experienced with getting into the guts of a PC could try applying some better/more expensive thermal paste to the CPU? I’ve thought about doing that, but since I’ve still got five months left on my warranty, I’ve been too worried that the problem is something else entirely and that I’d just screw myself out of a real fix by trying to rush it and voiding the warranty…


Any help/advice is much appreciated!

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