E420 wont turn on with battery and cmos battery in / No prende con bateria y pila de cmos

Spanish version
Buenas gente, estoy teniendo un problema que no me prende una Lenovo Thinkpad E420 después de desarmarla para limpieza completa.

Estaba teniendo temperaturas altas y la tengo hace 2 años y nunca le había hecho nada asi que desarme basándome en un video y limpié todo, suciedad, pasta térmica y arme todo.


Cuando arme todo probé y prendió, la use y la dejé. A la mañana siguiente no prendía con nada, saque batería y nada, probé mantener apretado el botón power 30 seg y nada, fui sacando memorias y demás hasta que me di cuenta que sin la pila de la bios (CMOS) y sin batería, solo conectada a A/C prende lo más bien, me tira que configure la hora/fecha por no tener pila y sigue lo más bien. 

Adjunto una imagen donde les marqué el conector, por lo que entiendo sería de la placa de red aunque puede que sea del conector de pared. 
El conector amarillo es el de pared, y el de arriba negro es el del cable de ethernet.
Ya probé ponerle pila nueva, con/sin batería, enchufada y desenchufada, la única forma en que prende es sin la pila + sin batería. 

Si la reinicio con la batería funciona, pero no si la apago. 

Lo único que puedo decir que me paso de raro al limpiarla es que se me desoldo un conector que lo acomode a presión y supongo que va bien. Podría sacarle una foto y mientras buscare que es específicamente ese conector. Pero me tiene loco esto. 

English version
After disassembly the laptop to clean the fan, the laptop wont turn on with battery in and the CMOS battery plugged. 

I have to disconnect from A/C, and without those batteries in, and then the laptop turn on without problem. 


When it starts it tells me that the date / time are wrong so I correct them and if I reboot it it’s starts without problem.


I’ve tried holding 30 seconds without batteries, but nothing changes. The only way to start it’s let the laptop without any battery and only connect the A/C connector.


What happend when I disassembly was that I broke a connector that I upload in the image, it’s a connector near the ethernet RJ45 and the A/C connector. 

I have the same issue >> https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Lenovo-Thinkpad-Yoga-14-Won-t-Turn-On/m-p/3387022#M14460

My laptop doesn’t turn on anymore. Here is what I have to do to turn it on (I tried many sequence of steps, but this is the only one that works every time):

-Disconnect battery and CMOS battery
-Press power button ten times, then press and hold for 30 seconds

-Connect power adaptor (red light from thinkpad blinks) and press power button and starts normally 


At this point, my laptop turns on, but I have to reset my time and date in BIOS (of course this is normal since I disconnected the CMOS batter). Once I turn my laptop on, my battery shows that it is charging and it is at 100%

Fix: I put a piece of tape on the SW2 switch to hold the switch down, removed the battery, removed the CMOS battery and pressed the power button 10 times followed by another press for about 5 seconds. I had already used this sequence of steps (except for the SW2 step) to restart my computer, but it would turn off as soon as I unplugged it. The reason why it kept turning off is because the SW2 switch wasn’t being pressed by the bottom cover when I closed the computer. This purpose of this switch is to disconnect the battery when the bottom cover is removed, but this laptop model seems to have issues where the bottom cover doesn’t press the switch after a while. 

The E420 model has anything like the SW2 on the Yoga?


Thank you and sorry about my english btw

ThinkStation P510 Win10 activation problem


i’m experiencing issues activating windows 10 on P510 workstations. I need to push an image (created with Acronis 2016) on several workstations, everything goes smooth but Windows won’t activate at all. The license is OEM and is embedded with the motherboard, I tried to activate it online but it doesen’t work. I tried to install Windows 10 using a bootable usb made with Microsoft media creation tool and windows activates flawlessly but if i make an image of this setup it doesn’t work on other workstations. I even tried to make an image of the software installed by the factory but once i try to apply it on another workstation (same model and hw specs) Windows doesen’t manage to activate anymore. I can’t figure out why this is happening, because we used the same process to install several other pcs (Lenovo m710t and Lenovo 470s) and windows always activated with no fuss.


Thanks in advace for any kind of help.

Changing my laptop to a desktop

Hey, I got a lenovo ideapad 310 151KB an I would like to buy the ThinkStation P320 Tower Workstation, but I’m not trying to have two computer. So can I return the laptop so that I can buy the desktop ?


Contact, send PM ???? SO # 7026335345 where i smy Yoga 3????

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Contact, send PM ???? SO # 7026335345 where i smy Yoga 3????

I trued sending a PM to Andy_Lenovo but received a message that I reached the limit. I have never sent a PM so how did I reach the limit?


"You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later."


What’s up with that?


7026335345  no word since 2/6  I have called repeatedly and am getting no information


Detailed Order History

‎1‎/‎16‎/‎2018‎ ‎12‎:‎02‎:‎23‎ ‎PMA service ticket has been created on your behalf on 2018-01-16. The ticket number for your current service incident is 7026335345

‎1‎/‎16‎/‎2018‎ ‎12‎:‎06‎:‎11‎ ‎PMWaiting for system to be shipped to the Lenovo Service Center

‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2018‎ ‎3‎:‎33‎:‎07‎ ‎PMYour machine was collected on 2018-01-17 and is now in transit to Lenovo ServiceCenter

‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2018‎ ‎11‎:‎12‎:‎19‎ ‎AMYour machine arrived at the Lenovo Service Center on 2018-02-06


Hoping Andy or someone responds. THANKS!



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