Boot failed for Yoga 900 13 isk2

Hello everyone,


Laptop cannot start,

boot failed

Already tried settings on boot mode like legacy boot, but nothing helped

Lenovo support does only know reset laptop and has never helped although guaranty still available

Lenovo Yoga 900 13, i7, 16 GB RAM


Any ideas?


Thank you


Lenovo G770 best CPU upgrade

I have Lenovo G770 and weak Celeron B800 CPU in it.

Which is the best CPU I can upgrade to?

My MTM: 103759325743

S/N : ********

I read that some people put i7-2620M in it however ,people who were upgrading were having i3s or i5s in their G770, so I want to be sure if I can put i7-2620M in mine laptop.


Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

E585, Dolby Audio problem

Hey Guys,

I was actually enjoying the preinstalled dolby audio app in Windows 10. Yesterday I did a system update via the Lenovo app. I think it updated the audio driver, which now shows as synaptics.

When İ remove the driver it automatically reverts to Synaptics so I guess it overwrote the Dolby driver ?

Any advice ?


Lenovo Legion Y25F-10 monitor. Is it good for coding work/studying etc., not only gaming?



Considering buying this monitor, will use it with my Legion Y530 laptop.


I know it’s meant for gaming and entertainment, but right now I can get it for a good price.


It’s an TN panel, inferior in color quality to IPS, but mostly I would be coding/studying on it, maybe some graphical work, and of course, entertainment.

Will it be good enough for work related stuff?


Thank you for your answers.



Lenovo L340 Gaming – Random crashes

I bought the L340 Gaming some time ago with the i5 and GTX1650. 


During my vacation I had a lot of random crashes, managed to seemingly make it work for a while but now it’s acting up again. 


I’ve gotten a lot of diffrent BSOD, such as "Page fault in nonpaged area", "PNP Watchdog violation", "IRQ Not Less or Equal" etc… 


Everything points to "nvlddmkm.sys", and I’ve tried removing and reinstalling all graphics drivers to no avail, tried diffrent guides that suggest running chkdsk, sfc, I’ve run a memory test to make sure thats not the issue. I’ve pretty much done everything but reinstall Win10 afaik.


I know, I know, I should’ve tried that before writing here but the crashes seem to always appear when I’m away from home when I actually need to use it and dont have time for reinstalls… so I guess what I’m asking for is if someone has experienced the same problems and has any solutions or ideas? Or have I gotten a lemon that should be sent in for service? (I’ll of course try reinstalling when I finally get home again, but any advice would be welcome)

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