Yoga 520 touchscreen has stopped working


Ive only had the laptop about a month and the touchscreen was working fine until tonight where it just stopped working whilst i was using it. I have tried a few things but the device manager says the device is in working order. Ive tried restarting and even disabling and re enabling the driver but to no avail. any help?

LENOVO IDEAPAD 320 in task manager disk utility is 100%

In task manager disk utility is always between 98-100% due to this, applications not working properly and i will get to update my windows also

can any one help me what to do?

if i connect to internet it will be between 99-100% some times it will be stuck at 100

if i will not connect to internet it will be normal values 


how can i reduce disk utility ?

PX2-300D Unable to login after firmware upgrade to 4.1.308.34385

I have PX2-300D storage and i just finished updating the firmware to 4.1.308.34385. and it was successfull but im trying to login back but its giving me invalid username and password. Im entering the correct username and password both domain account and local admin account it doesnt recognize these account. good thing is i can still access the shared folders. Anyone have the same issue after upgarde? can you please send the solutions


Thanks and best regards,

BSOD on P51

Hello all,


we have recently encountered an increasing amount of seemingly randomly occuring Bluescreens on our P51 (we have 40 Clients in use, of which 20 of those are having issues). We have analyzed a lot of dumps to no avail, every dump seems to point to a different driver and/or stopcode. Now we are facing the problem, that dumps aren’t even being generated anymore ( Windows freezes at a random percentage during the generation and no dump is created). 

They occur randomly, we have however noticed that an increased amount of BSOD’s occur during the transition from locked –> wake. We image the clients using SCCM, the image is basically a default Win10 Image with the Lenovo Driver Package being rolled out also. We have disabled a lot of different programs, including AV and Encryption software, this did not decrease the amount of bluescreens.


Any help or sharing of similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. 

Lenovo TAB X103F – SD Micro Card Problem

I have searched for a solution to this problem for many months without any success, and I am probably at the end of my tether with it.


I bought a Lenovo TAB X103F as I travel a lot and I wanted to be able to watch Movies etc. on the move.


I bought a Sandisk 32gb SD Micro Card which as far as I can see the Tablet recognises.


But when I transfer any video files to the SD Card from my laptop, they will not play, whether I use the tablets video player or VLC which I installed.


It does not matter if the files are avi, mpg, mp4, mkv, none will play.


If I transfer the movie files to the Tablets own drive, then they all show and play perfectly.


When I look at the files on the SD Card from my laptop, where they would have the length of time of the film,  they all show 00.00.00


Everything else I have transferred to the SD Card, photos, ebooks, music, all work.


One time I turned on the tablet and strangely VLC Media Player told me that it recognised a new SD Card (it had been in my tablet for months already) and did I want to configure the card. When I pressed yes, bingo, all the movie files I transferred then showed a length of time and played.


I thought my problem was solved.


Alas, the next time I turned on the tablet I was back to square one, and any video file I transfer to the SD Card will not play, and show 00.00.00


I have tried storing the movie files on the SD Card and then transferring to the tablets drive, but nothing changes, the will not play and still show 00.00.00


So, as I said I am at the end of my tether and ready to give up.


Any advice or help would be most appreciated.

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