Y520 151KBA fps drop, Had the same twice and solved it twice.

I would ask nicely again for this bad performance problem that happened twice before and now it happening again. Once I had to give it a driver update and the other time I had to turn the laptop off and then push the power button for 45 seconds which both acctualy worked and this time none of those worked.

I used to get around 60 ultra setting) fps on Gta 5 and now I barley get 20. I do not think that this is graphic’s card problem but I could still be wrong and I would be happy if you could please help me.

Does Microsoft Office work on tablet

Have just bought an Lenovo tablet TB-X103F, will microsoft office work on this tablet?

Lenovo Legion Y520 back Case replacement


I want to ask if its pssiable to buy a new back Case replacement for my lenovo legion y520 if yes where ?

I mean the part behind the screen but only the cover part



P51 doesn't wake up from sleep



    I bought a new p51 last week and am experiencing this issue from time to time. When I don’t work on the laptop, I just close the lid. After some time, I see that the red led light on the lid goes blinking on slow pace – that tells me the machine has gone into sleep mode. Now, when I come back to the machine later, usually I see either the red led is still blinking or completely gone off.  I open the lid, the machine wakes up and I cannot work, I see black screen.

    Problem exists on Windows 10 and Fedora 27, so this problem is related with BIOS. One more thing, this problem is not present on battery only when laptop is connected to AC adapter.


BIOS: 1.20

Wireless Connection

Please forgive me as I am new to computers.  I am trying to connect my T420 Thinkpad to a Cisco DPQ3212 Modem.  There is already a desktop computer connected to the ethernet port.  According to the users manual, I can hook up a second device to the USB port.  However, it is a USB 2.0 Type B port. (Like for a printer)  Can I use a cord with that type of plug on one end and a regular USB plug on the other to connect to the internet?  If so, which port on the device do I use?  Do I need to do anything else to get it to connect?

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