X1Carbon compatibility Samsung 970 Evo Plus

Hello, I have an X1C 3. Gen. (Type 20BS, 20BT) with a Samsung 256 G, M.2, 2.280, PCIe 3×4, STD. Is it possible to replace this SSD by an Samsung 970 Evo Plus and getting all the speed advantages? Or does my notebook limit the speed bc of any certain interface?


Thx in advance for answering!

Thunderbolt Firmware Detection Tool (1810r) – Download/Versions/output ?!



we are about to develop a strategy to deploy the Thunderbolt FW and Driver Update on about 1.500 Clients (All kind of supported models). To get started we need to find out current Driver and Firmware Version of Thunderbolt Devices. To do so, we want to use the detect1810 Tool which has been mentioned several times across the board by Lenovo Staff.


But I need some more informations about this tool:


– Is there an official Lenovo Download Link, I only found direct links on some kind of file hoster posted by Lenovo Staff members, but I need to make sure this tool is an official Lenovo Tool and has no malware etc…


– Is there a list which Modell is supported by which version and how many version are available ?  (I know there are at least two version, 1810 and 1810r )


– Is it possible to save output straight into Registry/WMI or do we have to script that by ourself ?


– Instead of using the tool, does anybode know a WMI Query to read the Firmware of the TB Controller ? I can get DriverVersion but not Firmware yet….


Thank you in advance




Backlight type – for calibrating my High density FlexView Display 3840×2160 on my X1 extreme gen. 1

Hi all, 


I am struggling to find out what kind of backlight the 4K UHD HDR-touchscreen (3840 x 2160) on my X1 extreme gen. 1 has. I want to calibrate it and the i1Profiler software gives me four options to choose from:


– CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent)

– Wide-Gamut CCFL

– White LED



I there someone who knows? Many thanks in forward!



Hi,i have started to use my new lenovo 330 when i started to get some wierd problem.every time i try to use the 1 and 2 keys in browser (keys under the f1-f12 line) if i press the 1 key it open the windows help screen.same thing when i press the 2 key.its happen in chrome,edge,explorer

Could anyone help why is this happening and how to fix it?

L540 unexpected restart during BIOS update 1.93 (j4uj75ww)

Hello, during the Bios update from version 1.79 to 1.93 there will be an unexpected reboot.


OS: Windows 10_1709

Systemmodell: 20AUS2LW00

CPU: I7-4600M

BaseBoard-Version:SDK0E50510 WIN

AD adapter is connected

Battery pack is charged


After the attempt, the Logfile Winuptp.txt ist empty.


The System crashed during the step "Read Current Bios" – see Picture



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