Upgrading L380 Yoga RAM

Hi there,


I have an L380 Yoga with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD. I was wondering if I could upgrade only the RAM to 32 GB by plugging in a RAM card to the other available RAM slot. Would I also need to upgrade the SSD?


One more thing, if I am going to upgrade the RAM, does it need to be of the same brand? Would it make a difference, if I use a different brand?


Thanks in advance.


Xclarity Firmware Update ends in BIOS screen

I want to manage a lot of servers with XClarity. My first attemp was with a "Lenovo x3650 M5" server.

I assigned a repository to the server and started the update.
Everything went finde and after about 1.5 hours the update was finished.

BUT: the server was not in a state I expected. It shows the BIOS screen and I had to press "ESC" to boot the operating system.



Can anybody help me, cause I have a lot of servers at different locations and I dont want to login on the remote control for evey maschine.

Has anybody identical issues?

I am new to Xclarity, but i think this is not the problem.


Best regards from Germany


How to install OS Windows server 2012 R2 on Lenovo sr650 7×06

i trying to install Windows server 2012 R2 on Lenovo sr650 7×06

i had many problem on updated firmware but finally after helping i updated all firmware using XCC

but i cannot install OS the problem of Load drive is still appear 

so to make solve problem easier i take picture of configuration and firmware version of my server

i attached all configuaration that i think is helping ..


I wish could someone solve problem because i do all things that i know and watch but it’s stillnot working and disk doesn’t appear when boot from OS


PS: in JBOD mode i can install OS

Px4 – 300r Error on Copy Job

Hi, I expect that you can help me I have a px4-300r with some shared folders. In one of the folder i get a job fail error that shows the below message
No folder to be copied
Unable to create directory "USB_TOSHIBA_External_USB_c_1/BACKUP/NAS/REVIT & HEALTH·ÓPTICA

The Ó appear with a strange character. I try to delete the folder in both sides NAS and Backup hard drive but still receiving the same error. If I try to reach the folder using the folder explorer the window hangs out during hours showing loading without charge it.

Any idea?

Lenovo legion y520 wifi card failing?

I purchased a Legion Y520 last year in November and had little to no problems until recently. A few months ago, the wifi connection on my laptop started to drastically change in speeds. The connection would start disconnecting and when I played games there would be massive ping spikes. This problem has gotten worse over time. These past few weeks I’ve been running speed tests on my laptop and would get around 6-14Mbps. When I ran tests on my Iphone, it would reach speeds up to 50-65Mbps. I ran the tests on both devices at the same location. The wifi signal for my laptop used to be around 3-4 bars but now is constantly 1-2 bars. This is a very odd problem to me aswell because all of a sudden my bedroom is the only room in my house that seems to drastically lower the signal on my laptop. It’s almost as if my bedroom has suddenly become a dead zone for my laptop’s wifi connection but works well for other devices. I have been using/gaming in my bedroom on this laptop ever since I bought it and never had connection issues like this before. Could this be an issue of the wifi card failling?

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