P72 – Windows Hello Not Working – Install Driver Properly

After installing the Windwos Upadte 1903 few weeks ago, I had some issue with my login. Could not use Fingerpint or my PIN. 

While figuring out the issue, I deinstalled driver for biometric devices and reinstalled them.

Now everything is working fine with fingerprint and PIN but I accidently deinstalled the Hello Face Driver, which should appear under "biometric devices"

I can not setup the Hella Face Login because Windows tells me, that are is no supported Hardware. However, I have both cameras installed properly.

Where can I find the Hello Face Driver,?



E585 extertnal microphone doesn't work

Hello everybody, I have trouble with my external microphone

Help to redesign network for 3 chassis



I’d like to redesign our current network and I’d like to get advice how to do it better. The scheme of current situation is next (see ChassisNetwork.jpg). For present situation I see next problems:

1. Portchannel and vlag don’t work for connectionf from chassis D1C2 switches to G7052 switches (no lacp key for 3 ports of D1C2 chassis switches) So it works as usual links and has blocking some vlans according STP

2. Links from D1C1 chassis switches to G7052 switches have just 1G speed 

3. D1C3 doesn’t connected at all


My plan is:

1. Add additional 6 connections from each G7052 switch to Fortigate (because Inter-VLAN routing is on the Fortigate). Can anyone confirm that 8 links are maximum for channel?

2. Remove ISL link between G7052 from 2x10G ports and move ISL to 8x1G new port channel. I hope it will be enough and it needs to get 10G links on the G7052 for connection with chassis switches.

3. Add correct lacp key to D1C2 switches for vlag connections to G7052

4. Move 1G links G7052 swtches – D1C1 switches to 10G connection. Configure port channel and vlag for them

5. Connect D1C3 switches to G7052 switches using 10G ports. Configure port channel and vlag for them. Configure ISL links between D1C3 chassis sitches.


I don’t know about connections between chassis switches. Do I need to connect them (right side) D1C2 – D1C1 – D1C3 – D1C2. The same for left side. They use 40G connections. If I need to connect them so how to configure it properly?


May be another tips?


Thanks in advance


Best regards,


Upgrade 720 M.2

Hey everyone, I’m interested in upgrading my IdeaCenter 720-18ASU 90H1000US (AMD) 128GB M.2 with a 1TB M.2


How difficult and is it possible to migrate Windows 10 and the system files to the new M.2? What are the steps?


Does this system have one M.2 slot or two (I looked inside but I can’t really tell how many there are)?


What is the form factor of my current M.2 for compatibility (I’m looking at this one: https://www.newegg.com/crucial-p1-1tb/p/N82E16820156199) or any suggestions?




Thank you!

Yoga 710 14IKB keyboard stops working intermittently

Hey, all. I’m writing this because I’m pretty perplexed about what’s going on here, and I’m hoping someone can offer some advice.


Several days ago, I noticed that the G and H keys were not functioning quite right. They would stop working, seemingly at random, and I could fix it momentarily by holding them down for a moment, but it didn’t last long. Then I noticed the same thing with several others, including the tab key and the left alt. Now, when they do work, it’s slower than the other keys. I mean that I frequently mistype certain words that were never a problem for me before. "That" becomes "taht," for example. We all make mistakes from time to time, but these mistakes are new and extremely frequent (and extremely irritating).


I don’t put liquids near my laptop — ever — because I actually did ruin one and had to get really creative, really quickly, to solve the problems that created. At first I thought maybe there were a couple of food particles under the G and H, like a seed or two from an everything bagel. But I haven’t had one of those since before this all started, so it doesn’t explain the tab and left alt keys.


The only thing I can think of is that my cat has been walking on my laptop more frequently in the last few weeks. But I’ve had cats all my life, and most of them have sat on at least one laptop, but never caused this problem. She also doesn’t go outside, except to chill on the porch (we live on the second floor, it’s kind of a small balcony almost). So I’m at a loss here.


I’m broke as heck right now so I haven’t bought a can of air yet, but that’s my next thing. Already did all the basic stuff like checking for updates and drivers and resetting the BIOS. And I gently slid a piece of paper under the keys to see if there was anything big that I could just shimmy out (there wasn’t).


Also: on some of the older PCs I’ve had, you could pop out individual keys, clean under them, and pop them back on. Can this be done with the Yoga 710 (14IKB)? I don’t want to just go for it and break something, lol.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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