Lost my Thinkpad boot logo

Seems that after flashing a custom bios to my T420s, I’ve lost my "Thinkpad" boot screen logo. 


On startup all I get is the bottom line –  "To interrupt normal startup, press the blue ThinkVantage button", before it boots normally.  No "Thinkpad" or "Lenovo" logos.


I’ve tried re-flashing with several stock BIOS’s but each time I only get the bottom line.  I’ve also tried following the "BIOS_LOGO" instructions (C:DriversFlash8cujxxus) for installing a custom startup image, but nothing I’ve tried works.  Both Winflash and Winuptp have options for changing the startup image but neither seems to work.


Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong ?.  Thanks.

Thinkpad x1 yoga cutomized keyboard

I wanted to customize the keyboard to be "arabic". I was wondering would that mean i will not have the english character? basically I would like the keyboared buttons to show both english and rabic characters. and would the backlight be affected by any mean?

520-15IKB (Type 81BF) Laptop (ideapad) screen


I bought a new Lenovo Lab a week ago
But I noticed that the screen is white when the room is without light
Also the casing around the screen is invalid and has many blanks

I went to the sales center for warranty and refund for 14 days
He said that this normal in Lenovo  and can not be retrieved
Please help ….
I only used it for one week

series number:  pf******

The following pictures



Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

How to find the product key on a preinstalled version of Windows 10?

So i got a laptop from the school with windows 10 education, but it has a windows 10 pro sticker on the bottom. I want to upgrade to windows 10 pro, but kinda difficult without the key.


The laptop i got is a Lenovo L460 if you wonder.

Ext monitor problems on ThinkPad Pro Dock (40AH) with X1 Carbon G6 20KH

While on the dock, the laptop will not re-enable external monitors once they are automatically stopped via power settings (Shut off monitor after <n> minutes). "Sleep after" is set to either NEVER or something larger than the monitor shutoff setting.

BIOS 1.23, default settingsWindows fast boot enabled, hibernation enabledDual Dell U2412M 1920×1200 monitors connected via DisplayPort to the dock. Running in extended desktop mode.Dock FW & drivers are at latest 19-Jun-2018 versions. Dock has been power cycled.All other SW is "up to date" according to Vantage SW as of 6/21/18.Note: Intel Graphics driver is (latest from Lenovo), although Intel has newer version the timing (sleep occurs first) works correctly after updating BIOS.

Anyone else having similar experience?

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