Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus (YT-X703F) random reboots

Hey all

I’ve had the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus (YT-X703F) for over 2 years and conveniently now that the warranty has expired I’m noting random restart behaviour. 


The problem:

The tablet randomly restarts.  It could be in the middle of Netflix, or even randomly when it’s sitting unused idly.  I can tell because the annoying Lenovo jingle plays upon restarting.  There isn’t a particular set of actions that cause this.

The things I’ve tried:

Running in safe mode.Investigating the logs via ADB.  Nothing useful seems to get reported.Wiping and re-installing the tablet with both the last Lenovo-released update as well as the latest update which came out a few weeks ago.Installing one app at a time and testing.  It eventually randomly reboots with even a minimum set up.Installing with a different user.Ensuring it’s in an environment when it cannot overheat.

The things I’ve researched:

This problem has exhibited itself a month after the Lenovo charger that came with it died an unceremonious death under the hands of ‘normal use’.  Since then I’ve fully charged with One Plus-supplied chargers as well as connecting directly with a PC.I’ve found generally Android devices can have this problem.  The typical solution is one of the above that I’ve already tried.I’ve noticed this appearing in the forums with other Yoga Tab 4 users.  The most conclusive solution I’ve found is a motherboard replacement which occurred under warranty.

Has anyone had this issue with the Yoga Tab 3 Plus?  I’m debating whether to buy and install a battery replacement to test this out (they don’t come cheap!) or to just sell this on for parts.  I would prefer not to attempt to install another flavour of Android i.e. Lineage since I just don’t have that kind of time to do it and I’m suspecting this is a hardware issue.

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