Lenovo k8 note Hotspot not getting connected to wireless USB adapter

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UN7cuohwIJMMBINtuE5jwrGxxQfG1QN-/view?usp=drivesdkI am using Lenovo k8 note since 1.5 years. I am trying to connect my phone hotspot to wireless USB adapter and access internet. But, it is not working despite trying all reset options. Thanks

GPU Problem

I have bought a new lenevo ideapad 330 laptop with following specifications:
Processor: Intel i5 8th gen
GPU: AMD Radeon 530 2GB
FHD screen
My problem is i cant see the stats of my dedicated gpu.I have did benchmarking using geekbench it recognises the dedicated gpu but even during the benchmark i cant see any stats of my gpu in taskbar performance section.I have tried upgrading the drivers and connected the amd link to my mobile but still no use. please help me with this problem.i fear that my gpu is not working.And i cant find the bios part number of my gpu in radeon settings too.

T480s and USB C Dock – 3 external monitors – problems



 I have read that this is possible and works for people but in my case it is not working.

I have 3 monitors:

– hp with resolution 1920x 1200 – connected with dock 


and I can work on my laptop screen as third monitor and it is OK. 


when I connect 3rd monitor using vga and close laptop lit I’,m not able to change resolution on 3rd monitor and have there only 640×480 resolution.

When I for example disconnect 1st monitor then I Can change on 3rd (vga) the resolution to recommended 1600x…

So it looks like intel gfx doesn’t handle 3 monitors.

I have upgrade grf driver from support site and install dock driver. 


Can I do anything more? or the laptop just doesn’t handle 3 monitors with big resolutions?( which will be strange because it can handle 3rd laptop screen with 1920)

Changing Lenovo Smart Display Language to Danish

Is this possible now? I have followed the steps outlined in google support pages:




The only difference was that I used iOS. It just did not work.


Does anyone have any ideas on this?

ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen FingerPrint stopped working after installing Windows 10 1903 update



After installing WIndows 10 1903 Feature Update fingerprint reader stopped working on my ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen.


I checked for updates in Lenovo Vantage and on support – drivers page on Lenovo.com site. For finterprint reader there’s only one driver:


Synaptics Raptor USB Fingerprint Reader Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) – ThinkPad4.5.519.016 May 2018


WIndows 10 doesn’t see fingerprint reader and windows Hello doesn’t work. Before 1903 update (on 1809) it worked fine.





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