iPhone Upgrade and Game Save Data

I need to upgrade my iPhone 6s to a new iphone.  If I use iTunes will all of my Jedi Challenges game save data be retained when I install Jedi Challenges on my new iPhone?  Is there a risk that I will loose any of my game progress?  (I’ve passed every level with the exception of defeating the archivist on the final duel and I don’t want to risk loosing my progress.)

Y27G Blur Issues

Just got a Y27G and any window(Game, Non-game, Full screen, windowed view) there is blur and discoloration on the edges of objects when the image moves. If I load a game and justg sit still it look fantastic but as soon as I move my view or character the edges of all the object become dicolored and blurry. Itsd hooked up to a 1080ti and has g sync enabled. I’ve looked around online and in the settings and cannot find anything on this. 

Lenovo 720s 15f Heaphone Jack Buzzing/Chirping

Hey all, I just got the Ideapad 720s 15 to repace my returned Yoga 730 (because of the CPU/GPU throttling issue).  So far, it’s great.  Good performance, decent thermals, and screen that is actually matte/antiglare. However, there’s one issue–the headphone jack.

when plugged, I’m often getting a chirping/buzzing noise in the background that’s extremely noticeable when playing on lower volume (or just silent or soft moments in music and movies).  Anyone who has ever heard coil whine will recognize this noise, but usually you hear it externally if your device has it.  Basically it seems like the jack sound connectors are improperly isolated and picking up interference/electral currents.  Since the jack is extremely close to the battery and I had the same issue once with the jack on my old desktop HP.  

basically, I just want to see if anyone is having this issue to determine whether it’s just my jack (which I get repaired) or a machine flaw.  I did all the driver uninstall/reinstall and along with all the normal audio trouble shooting issues and it definitely seems to be hardware.  It’s not a huge issue (I can just bypass it using an external sound card or bluetooth earbuds), but it’s still an issue for a new latop.  Thanks in advance.

Foam padding already coming off mirage solo =(

I’ve had this headset for a few months now and the foam padding is coming off around the nose area. I knew the padding would become an issue. =(

Z510 keyboard replacment

hello everyone 

so recentaly i had 2 problems 
the 1st one that i spilled coke on my keyboard and my laptop model is z510 and i can’t find any used or even unused keyboard to replace it so is it okay to use any one model as it’s will be the same size as my keyboard of lenovo z510

2nd problem what is the maximum that my laptop can handle cause i want to upgrade my ram 

Lenovo z510 model number 20287

and is there any type of specific ram i need to put in mylaptop ? 

thanks in advance ^_^

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