Cannot pair my Galaxy Watch anymore!

Dear Team,

My Galaxy Watch was working fine until Mid of June, after that it disconnect from the phone and i cannot pair it anymore and i did the following:

1- Reset the watch

2-Delete app data for bluetooth, Galaxy wearable app, Galaxy Watch plugin, reset network setting

but the problem still exist and I connected the watch to samsung device and it connects successfully while it still cannot connect to my lenovo phone


I think the problem is from the bluetooth itself because it is detecting the watch now through two bluetooth connections (Galaxy Watch (83BD) & Galaxy Watch (83BD) LE) at which the first one is for phone audio and input device while the second connection is for contact sharing, but with any other phone there is only one connection and not seperated to two connections!


So please help me to fix this issue ASAP

X390 Hard drive is stuck

I just got my x390 today (!) but when I opened it up to swap the hard drive out, I discovered the screws holding the drive in place are stuck and (sort of) stripped! Is this the type of thing that can be fixed under warranty? Especially since it came out of the box like this. I was really hoping I’d be able to upgrade my new laptop.

Yoga 720 – Can I reinstall windows to an external device?

I bought a 15" Yoga 720 about two years ago. I’m a professional software developer so I wiped Windows 10 from the SSD and installed Ubuntu Linux. Recently I was running out of space so I upgraded the SSD to 1GB and put the .5 GB SSD that came with the computer into a USB C external carrier.

It occurred to me that it might be convenient to have a bootable version of Windows on that external drive. I’m wondering if there is a way that I can install Windows 10 to the external SSD while using the Windows key that’s embedded in the BIOS. I suppose that in a worse case scenario I could swap out the 1GB drive, for the .5GB then install and then swap the drives back. That seems like a lot of trouble and I would prefer to not have to do that.

Yoga 730-15IKB Wi-Fi Disconnecting all the time

Hi all,


I have a brand new Yoga 730-15IKB, with which I have the following issue:

The Wi-Fi is disconnecting all the time.

I constantly click Disconnect and then Connect again, but after a few seconds

I get the same issue again.


X1 Extreme lags when re-connected to monitor


i have been encountering the issue of sluggish performance when connected to an external display via HDMI.

I will usually connect to the monitor before powering up the X1E, then everything is fine.

Sometimes I may need to unplug and use it elsewhere without the monitor. 


Then when I return to my desk and reconnect to the same monitor, the laptop starts to be sluggish.

I will need to reboot the unit every time I reconnect to the monitor while the laptop is powered on.


Is there any solution to this? Thank you.



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