Cannot Log-in to my laptop

I am not very computer literate. When setting up my new laptop I used the zero (0) instead of the letter o in the .com portion of the address. I forgot my PIN the next day, and cannot open my computer to use it. It locked me out of the PIN option. There was no password set up, and there is no apparent way to reset anything, because I can’t get beyond the sign in screen. Can anyone help!

Yoga 520 with battery problems

I bought the Yoga just coming up to a year ago and have noticed that the battery life has been getting gradually worse, to awful. To the point that I now get about 2-3 hours of use off a full charge using medium performance settings and generally just coding work when it is being used.


I’ve kept the system up to date and regularly run the battery down before charging it again. After running powercfg/batteryreport in CMD it confirmed what I knew. The battery is faulty.


Design capacity of 52,500mWh when new (although full charge capacity even then was not maximum – 51,880mWh).


Full charge capacity is now: 20,330mWh and has been degrading constanly since new. I’ve raised a ticket with support but I am not holding out any hope because based on the responses here people seem to blame the user before the battery, even when there seems to be a high number of complaints about the quality of these batteries.


Has anyone else experienced a similar drain and have documented evidence of it?



My G50-80 Battery drains out really fast

I have a 3 years old G50-80. My battery goes really fast. When i put my laptop in power saving it even goes fast. It goes from 100%to 90% in 10-15 mins.. Can anyone help me?

X1 Carbon 4th Gen Individual key replacement

I’m trying to figure out how and what kind of keys I have. I bought what said was a x1 carbon 4th gen key for my device, but it didn’t fit properly. I’m just looking for a way to determine how to get the exact key for my laptop. Any way of doing this?

Yoga 720-13IKB stopped turning on overnight

I bought this laptop a little over a year ago (so ofc the warranty has only just expired).

Woke up this morning and it wouldn’t turn on. At all. No lights on the keyboard or around the power button. I took steps to try to get it to turn on. I plugged in for 2 hours to make sure it was charged. The small white light goes on indicating it is charging. However still no sign of life when pressing the power button. I’ve tried different suggestions including holding power button for 60 seconds then trying to just press. This too does nothing. Can anyone help? Has anyone had similar issues with this model?

Infuriated as this was an expensive laptop, for it to completely die after only a single year of use, just after the warranty expires, is really bad form.

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