Yoga C930 Shutdown

I purchased a Lenovo Yoga c930 last week and it got delivered today. I have been experiencing issues with the sleep and power options. As soon as I click the button to eject the pen, the laptop goes into sleep mode where I have to sign in again. The situation gets worse because sometimes the laptop would shut down randomly when the pen is ejected out or it is inserted back into the laptop. Does anyone have a solution for this issue or anyone faced a similar issue? I have checked the power options and I have set the power and sleep option as never. 

Carbon X1 Windows 10, suddenly my password and the answers to security questions are not recognized

So I turn on my Lenovo X1 Carbon running Windows 10 Pro, get a picture (that I hate and would like to remove) then am asked to sign in. I give my password, I know it is correct, and it says it is not. Okay it said the first time that I could reset password, and up came two security questions. I answered them correctly, but the message was that they were incorrect as well. So now I have tried multiple times with password(s) and still cannot get in, and I can’t get the reset option either. Any ideas of what I should do? Up until a day ago things were working just fine.

Alt, F4 and Esc keys are disabled after windows 10 installation (Lenovo Ideapad z580)

Hi every one

I have recently installed windows 10 on my Lenovo ideapad Z580. My laptop’s alt, Esc and F4 keys stopped working. I had have the same issue last year but it solved by itself. Honestly I forget what I did last year to solve this problem. I had googled the problem and searched lots of forums and websites but most of users had this problem because their F4 key is combination of Fn and F4. In my case my F4 is not Combined by Fn keys.

I check my keyboard in the keyboard tester website and it seems the keys that I mentioned do not work there. The thing is I had this issue last year and I had checked my keyboard by a keyboard remapper namedSharpKeys to notice if it had a hardware issue and the keys ( alt, F4 and Esc ) did not work there too But it repaired by some work that I did and I forgot.


I had updated all of my drivers and I updated the BIOS before. But I checked for newer version of BIOS. But issue is not solved yet.

I will be thankful if anyone could help.


P.S.: I had started a similar topic in microsoft forum and nothing helpful came.


System Info:

Lenovo Z580

Win 10 Build version 1809


Lenovo Edge 2-1580 Rubber Trim falling off

So as anyone with a Lenovo Edge 2 knows, there is this awful rubber trim that runs along the laptop. Over time though, the rubber trim has begun to peel off and essentially does nothing but get in the way. Has anybody tried gluing the trim back into place or just removing it completely? I’m close to just removing it and dealing with the consequences later.


Also, I had a hinge cover fall off. Anybody know if it’s easy to put back on? I’ve tried just snapping it back on but that doesn’t work. 



C330 chrome os

Brand new out of the box less than an hour

Confused- why is this "new" chromebook running a 32 bit version of chrome os??

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