Yoga 720 and Portable Charger?

I have a Yoga 720 model 81C3000LUS.  Can I use a portable charger to charge it?


Would this work to charge my Yoga?

or do I need this one that looks like it has 45w output as opposed to 30w for the above one?


If not, is there something else like this that would work?

X230 keyboard not working on Win7 but on startup only

Hello to all Lenovo users,

I’m using a thinkpad X230 (Win7/64 home edition) for 2 years without problem and recently when working outside, I’ve been surprised by quick storm and some pouring water spills the keyboard! I switched off right away and removed completely the keyboard to dry it with an hair dryer.

Now, the keyboard is working at startup, boot password or entering setup but once reaching win7 login window, no more…I must use the virtual keyboard onscreen to login on…I searched on google and this kb but not apparent solution…

I runned the keyboard testing tool by Lenovo, it’s ok and no error message in windows event logs.

If somone has an idea in order to fix this annoying problem, he’s welcome, thanks for your support.


Can't disable palm tracking G50 Windows 10

When I want to play games using a mouse I cant turn my palm tracking down so that I can move my mouse and press keys at the same time.


300-17isk – Lenovo has let customers unprotected…

So…it’s 5 May 2018, and still no BIOS update provided – latest one provided is from…9 Nov 2016:


Intel released corrected microcode updates for Spectre couple months ago…

Not only that…but now it is also further affected by Spectre ‘Next Generation’, meaning even more security-related updates will become available anytime soon.


Yet still no updates from Lenovo?


Hmmm…now that i think of it, let aside Spectre…the Nov 2016 BIOS doesn’t even protect end-customers from… Intel-SA-00086, which was discovered in November 2017…


…and as of May 2018….Lenovo’s advisory STILL doesn’t even list 300-x products!


So…to get this straight…due to the extreme severity of the situation…Intel went through the trouble to provide updates for all of their processors released after mid 2011, aka 7 yrs old…yet Lenovo neglects products less than 2-3 yrs old?


For the record, i bought my 300-17isk merely on October 2016 – well…hardly what someone would call ‘very old’, ‘obsolete’ & ‘unsupported’ – isn’t it?


Not to sound rude – but other vendors out there that have provided BIOS updates for way way much older laptops, from 2012 & 2013…what are they…morons or extra-loving & caring humanists?

After all those months with NO fixes provided…i think it’s pretty obvious that Lenovo doesn’t really appear to take it’s customers security very seriously…

Safe to buy X1C6?

I’m looking at buying a new notebook and the X1 Carbon 6th Gen is on my shortlist. However, I am troubled by a couple threads on these boards:


Fan always on & killing battery: 


Unable to go into deep sleep on Linux (I’ll be using Ubuntu 18.04 — novice user):


Can anyone confirm if Lenovo has addressed the 2 above issues? I’ll be ordering a new machine within the next 10 – 14 days but will pass on Lenovo if these issues still persist.

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