Upgrading E485 screen to a touchscreen from the A485?

I’ve seen some screens of the A485 from ebay with touch, the mounts, connector, and dimensions seem all identical. Would it work if I installed it in the E485? Or is there meant to be a special on board controller? 

Ideapad 330s File Explorer not resonding

Can anyone help with this? I tried some online suggestions but so far, no luck. Thank you for your thoughts. 

Lenovo Yoga 720 not capable to update to Windows version 1803 because of drivers?

Hello, I am trying to update toe Windows version 1803, and have encountered inumerable errors, no matter what I seem to do. Speaking with a Microsoft tech. via the live chat, he said that Lenovo has not released the drivers necessary to run version 1803, there I continue to get errors. I feel this is not the case, because I am pretty sure others have updated to 1803 that also have the Yoga 720. Any advice? Thank you.

Yoga 710 Power Button Stuck

Yoga 710-15IKB power button on side appears to be stuck or broken as it no longer toggles. Can’t turn machine on, if i wiggle the button sometimne I can get it to start to boot however it shuts itself off immediately.  

Ideapad320 mousepad trava

Sempre que eu utilizo o teclado, o meu mousepad trava ( para de funcionar completamente ), software utilizado ( já veio com a maquina ) Elan Pointing Device, preciso de ajuda.

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