Thinkpad 13 screen turn off for a few seconds then re turn on when plug or unplug the charger

hello , need help with

Thinkpad 13 i5 6th gen Type 20GJ, 20GK (still under warranty) screen turn off for a few seconds then re turn on – when plug or unplug the charger


Shutdown-Problem Thinkpad S440AY Windows 10 (Education)

Since I have updated my S440 from Win 8.1 to Win 10 Education I have some problems with the shutdown.


If the notebook is on for a short time, shutdown works normally. If it is on for longer time and I try to shutdown, the keyboard lights stay on and its still making sound, so it`s not really off. Moreover I need to press the on/off button for a few seconds, that it will be completely off.


Does anybody have the same problems or can help me?




K5 Note camera issue

My front camera in Lenovo k5 note is upside down and rear side camera is not working. Plzzz help

T460p random freeze after BIOS 2.22 update / back on 2.20 everything OK

After BIOS update to 2.22 (released on 9th Feb 2018) i had random freezes on OS boot (using Ubuntu 16.04.3)


I could boot completely into OS one time but experienced a freeze there after a few minutes.

Most bootups froze when systemd was loading services but at a random point.


One time i could witness following message:

NMI watchdog: Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu 0

which repeated for all cores (0-8) in a random order and froze the system


I am now back on BIOS 2.20 and everything is working again.


EDIT: fyi i did load bios defaults after the update to 2.22 which did not help

Downgrade firmware Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Hi everyone,


I have a Lenovo Tab 4 10.1 Plus, recently it has been upgraded to firmware TB-X704F_S000053_180122_ROW.


The problem is that now it shows a lot of messages like Error DNS and cannot connect to internet, even if it is connected to a wifi that works with another device (smartphone). The only way to make it work the WiFi is switching off/switching on the WiFi on the Lenovo Tab.


With the old firmware I didn’t had connection problems.


Any clue?


Tanks in advance.

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