need help finding keyboard replacement for L540

so I accidentally broke my L540 keyboard by accidentally spraying a mist of water onto it…. i thought it would put up just like my T410/T420, but alas, i need to fork out
some money for a new keyboard…

so onto the question, my keyboard FRU is 04Y2348, i searched it on my local online shopping website but there is no parts for the aforementioned FRU.
The only keyboards available here is for the E540 : 04Y2689 whereas for the T540p/T540/W540 : 04Y2348 and 04Y2387.

is the keyboards interchangeable between models? it looks like it has the same connectors

Win 7 Product key not working on official microsoft page



I wanted to download Windows 7 home 64 Bit, but when I enter my product key(found in my battery compartment), Microsoft rejects it. I contacted technical support, and they said it was a problem with Lenovo, not with them. Is this true? Please help I really want W7 and don’t want to risk trying to get it from any dodgy places.

OEM replacement battery for Lenovo x1 Carbon 2nd gen

It might be time for a new battery, I’m only getting about an hour of web browsing / word processing out of this original battery when on battery.  Does anyone know where I can find one? 45N1703??


No restocking fee for ALL returns?

I’m well aware that Lenovo has a 15% restocking fee on returns if returned for any reason besides a factory defect, etc. I was looking at getting a machine from the Outlet and I chatted up a rep the other day.

The rep told me that Lenovo has totally changed their policy and now offers FREE returns with NO restocking fee on ALL products…. this does not align with Lenovo’s policy. Could someone verify this for me? 

C440 All in one Win10 won't boot from Win10 recovery USB

Hi, This all in one has been working fine, shutdown with NO errors last night, but today when attempting to startup it just sat at the Lenovo logo with a spinning time waster animation.


Eventually it got to Preparing Automatic Recovery and stayed there forever.  I’ve tried the suggestions that MSoft has and no luck so far.


Here’s what I’ve tried:

1 – The original bootable Win10 recovery USB from when Win10 was installed.  No go, it hits the USB for a while, then with NO error messages goes to the spinning time waster animation and stays there for over 15 minutes (as long as I’ve waited for something useful to happen).

2 – Then followed the suggestion to download the latest Win10 ISO and created a bootable USB stick, did that but the end result was the same.  And yes I’ve tried the Lenovo suggestion of hitting F12 and selecting the USB drive from the boot menu.  The drive LED shows access for a number of seconds and then nothing with the spinning time waster animation.

3 – Booted a Live Linux Mint USB and that DOES boot just fine, AND I can read the Windoze Hard Drive just fine.  So I expect that something is toast with the wonderful UEFI boot path.  But MSoft isn’t able to fix it OR tell me that there is a problem, and Lenovo doesn’t appear to be abot to boot the Windows recovery USBs.  Or more likely Lenovo is attempting to boot from the recovery USB but MSoft has fumbled the ball is is refusing to present any options from the USB.


This is the last computer we have with the infestation that is Windows on it, but there is one application that until recently I couldn’t work out a good way to run under Linux.  I’m doing testing with that app under Linux and if it continues to work well then my problem will be solved with a Nuke of Windoze on this box and shinny install of Linux:catindifferent:  But it would be nice to get this working again with wasting my time with a full re-install of Windoze and the hassles that entails.  And yes I do have a recent backup of the data files but the hassle of re-installing and re-activating the software and OS, and begging the software vendors to allow that to happen is a huge time burner.


I’ve searched the forum, but so far haven’t found any discussions that seem related to the issue that I’m dealing with.  Same thing with general Internet searches.


So I’m open to any other suggestions to get the Windows recovery USB(s) to actually boot and do their thing on this computer.




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