Lenovo Yoga 500-15ISK with only blank screen after poweron



the warranty has expired on our Yoga 500-15ISK, so I wanted to change the HDD for SSD to boost the performance. I have opened the chassis and replaced disk by a new cloned one. Not only the machine doesn’t boot, it even doesn’t write anything, doesn’t switch on the display and any ways to enter the BIOS are unsuccessful. The keyboard backlight works and after a while, the fan goes to the high speeds, but that’s all, nothing else. So, I have put the old disk back and it doesn’t work with old disk either. It also doesn’t work even if there is no disk.



I have tried several things, from disconnecting the battery, reseating the memory, disconnecting the RTC battery, pressing the power button for tens of seconds.


A few months ago the laptop was serviced under warranty for the very same problem. That time, after the reboot following the Windows update(?), the laptop ended in the very same state without any physical intervention. The service wrote they changed the motherboard and the problem vanished. But, here it is again.


The problem is similar to this guy’s:


(but, to me reverting back to the old disk doesn’t help).


I would be grateful for any help.


Thank you,


Yoga 500 15ISK does not detect charger

Hello everyone, I have a lenovo yoga 500 15isk. The problem with it is that it won’t detect my charger anymore. Since I noticed it a bit to late the battery is now dead and I cant run any tests or Software updates. This happened before but the charger then worked again after I plugged it out and in again, this time thats not the case. So if anyone has any suggestions i’d be glad to hear them.


Regards Nixlas

T580 FDE asks password or fingeprint randomly

I have a Thinkpad T580 and I have set a HDD password in the BIOS for full disk encryption (FDE). After turning on the machinie, it sometimes asks for the HDD password, sometimes a fingeprint prompt appears. The BIOS accepts both password and fingerprint and the system boots into the OS.

My problem is that the BIOS randomly switching between password and fingerprint authentication, but I have no idea why.


I would prefer to ask for fingerprint first and switch if it fails few times or when I ask to switch to password authentication. In addition to that there could be option in the BIOS to set the peferred authentication method.


So the current behaviour looks like a bug to me unless someone can explain what’s going on. Does anyone noticed a similar problem?

X1 Carbon 6th keyboard and wifi stop working

Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709

We deployed the machine using SCCM and a WIN10 .WIM for 1709.

The machine boots up and works ok but I noticed after 2-30 minutes the Wifi is disabled and the keyboard stops working (they always quit working together).


So then I figured I’d run Lenovo System Update.

I downloaded and installed all the critical, optional, and recommended updates (about 4 drivers).


After restart (and hard reset with button on the bottom of the chassis) this issue still persists.  I’ll be typing and then it stops working, at the same time wifi gets disabled. When I click on the Wifi icon (marked Turned OFF by the OS) nothing happens.  I can toggle airplane mode on and off by wifi will no longer toggl.  I have to restart the machine.


The touchpoint, touchpad, and USB connect mouse continue to work during this time.

WIFI always off, Lenvo X230



I’m experiencing a problem with the WIFI in a Lenovo X230 with windows 10, it is always turned off


I can´t turn it ON


I reinstall windows or drivers butis the same problem


somebody knows how can we fix it?


thanks in advance






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