Lenovo phab 2 pro ringtone

Hi . I have Lenovo phab 2 pro its working fine but ringtone change automatically. Please need your support

Z-500 battery (?) issue

Hello, from a few days my laptop has issue, I am thinking that is a battery issue. When I am using laptop normally (battery is charging), 3 diodes are start blinking and battery is stop charging (power button and 2 small diodes, power (white light) and battery (orange light)), I must plug out and plug in power supply and then battery is start charging but after a few minutes (sometimes seconds) situaction is repeat. What I should do to fix it?  
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Y510p Keyboard Upper Plate Loose. Suggestions?



Please help me resolve an issue related to my keyboard. The upper cover plate of the keyboard on one side has peeled off slightly (as shown on the images). The keyboard, itself, is perfectly fine and properly seated in the keyboard bay. The glue probably dried out there. Please suggest what glue should I use to firmly fix the top panel at that end to the base plate underneath it?


If it requires another type of fix, please suggest. The keyboard is fine and doesn’t need to be replaced. Thanks!

ThinkPad P50 Fingerprint Readers not working in Windows 1803

Not sure if there is an official solution but heres my issue:


After upgrading to Windows 1803, my fingerprint reader just stopped working with Windows Hello. Tried troubleshooting with drivers and eventually did a hard reset which did address the issue…only temporarily.


I already looked into other forum post regarding deleting and reinstalling the fingerprint drivers as well as the Intel SGX drivers as well but those didn’t seem to solve the issue.


Any insight on the issue would be great!



Is Thinkpad x280 safe for Ubuntu 18.04?

tl;dr Is the Thinkpad x280 flawless for Ubuntu 18.04?




I recently acquired myself a X1 Yoga 3rd gen with the hopes that I would have a nice experience running Ubuntu. Unfortunately, from day one I encountered issues with it:


X1 Carbon Gen 6 cannot enter deep sleep (S3 state aka Suspend-to-RAM) on Linux



Touchpad and trackpad work erratically after I close and open the laptop’s lid (suspending and resuming). I need to reboot everytime.



Others that I found about online after acquiring the machine:

FYI – Linux May Not Support Thunderbolt Native Mode (seems to be solved)



Linux throttling bug (T480s)

T480s Linux throttling bug from thinkpad


And from Linux’s side, poor consideration for touchscreens.


Sadly, I have no choice but to return this machine next week. I feel these are nice machines in theory, and I would be willing to give them one more try. I was considering the Thinkpad x280 and I want to run Ubuntu 18.04 again. I would like to ask if any of these issues persist, or any other issues I’m not aware of show up when running Ubuntu, or any other Linux distro.

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