Lenovo Ideapad 520 Screen flickering/blinking

Hello Guys ! 


I’ve purchased my lenovo Ideapad 520 in late august of 2018. And I’ve been using this laptop since then. I’m really satisfied with it, but It has  started to have some issues,and I would like to know wether this is just a software problem , or hardware. So I’ve experienced 2 types of "strange behaviour" of  the laptop. 

First one : Lapotp screen strangely ??flickers?? in one -or a few lines. This happens tottaly randomly, basically anytime. In the linked video , im changing the wifi stations, it can be observed at 0:03 and 0:09 . Second : The screen starts to blink, this is compeletly random as well. 


All in all : 

As I observed these issues are competely random when I  Browse the web I did not experience these issues while gameingThese issues happen with and without ac plugged in 

I would like some help wether this is a hardver issue or just a software issue.And if its software , then what shall I do. Thank you for your time and help ! 


                                                                                         Borbély Bálint 

X270 Bluetooth Devices Disappear after every restart



I have had a Lenovo X270 for about a year now and since the beginning have had issues where the Bluetooth devices disappear after every shutdown. When I reboot, the unit shows a single generic Bluetooth device and the Windows troubleshooter says that there is a problem with the driver. The only way I have been able to temporarily resolve this is by uninstalling the device, and then scanning for changes, and then it finds the bluetooth and all previously loaded devices and works perfectly. The restored devices persist over sleep but not over power cycle.


I have attempted to install various versions of the Intel drivers for this wifi/bluetooth card but they either install and make no difference or bomb the computer.


Many thanks for any advice you can offer.




X270 SSD 2280/2242 Upgrade + KB Question



So I have an X270 with a 256gb SSD. I have been wanting to upgrade memory and the drive and ordered in what I thought was the correct path: 16gb SODIMM and a 2.5" Samsung EVO SSD. If I understand the terminology,  after opening the unit it appears that the boot drive is PCIe NVME 2280 mounted into a caddy placed in the 2.5" drive slot. So from other reading, it appears that I have some limited options. I had assumed that the boot drive was in the 2242 slot, and that I would just stick this new Samsung into the 2.5" slot and be done. But that caddy to the 2280 drive does not have a similar cable connector to my Samsung EVO 860 I purchased.  The questions I have are:


am I locked into the 2280 drive form factor in my configuration? Presumably this means that I return my Evo 860 (or stick it in another machine in the house) and by a larger 2280 drive and do a restore from media? Any advantage/pros/cons to this versus adding 2242 on top of the existingIt appears that there is a much smaller range of manufacturers and sizes for 2242 drives (and apparently some Transcend units don’t work?) but I could just bite the bullet and install a secondary 2242 drive in the WWAN slot and call it a day?

On a secondary issue: is it possible to install a lighted keyboard into an X270 that has previously not had one? I know that this involves diving deep into this assembly, but curious if anyone has ever done it and their success or challenges.

Thanks in advance for any counsel you can offer.



Tab 4 8 OTG cable that works?

Hi, does anyone have a recommendation for an OTG cable for this device?

Have found one with a Thunderbolt micro usb but I can’t see how it would fit my connection. 



Legion Y530- BIOS problem after update

Hi, I just got a new Legion Y530-15ICH. I updeted the BIOS fm support site. Everything went normall untill the PC reboot and finaly freez to this screen:



LCFC EC ROM Flash Utility ersion:1.03

Company: Hefei LCFC Information Technology Co. Ltd


EC ROM Address = FF600000H EC ROM Size = 128K bytes


Can anyone help me please. I have no idea what to do next- I am affraid to switch of and to try reboot it.

Thanks in advance.

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