Lenovo Ideapad 320-14ikb SSD upgrade?

Is this compatible with my laptop? Specs below. My laptop has been running very slowly ever since i installed programs needed for my school. Also considering adding additional 4 or 8GB RAM into RAM slot, but crucial website stated that my laptop has only 1 slot, does that mean i must replace the existing 4GB?  Can i safely replace the HDD myself without reinstalling windows, by migrating my c: drive to the SSD via SATA-SSD cable then unscrewing the laptop and take out the HDD? Can you please help me find a compatible SATA-SSD wire? 




Lenovo V330-14IKB 81B0 Old Drivers Download

Is there a way to download or find an old previously released (not the latest) driver for my notebook?

I could only find the latest version driver in my "Driver & Software" support pages, even if I check "All" option on "Release Date" filter.


I need them due to frequent problems (crash, error &/ BSOD) and limitation found on some of the latest driver for my notebook,
eg: The latest AMD Radeon 530 graphics driver (ver. 24.20.13006.4 (18.30.06-332694C) – 20 Nov 2018) doesn’t include "Radeon Settings" program & the latest ELAN smartpad driver (ver. – 20 Nov 2019) that also doesn’t include "ELAN TouchPad Control Center" program.


Also, I needed the original driver executables itself, and not the "Rollback Driver" solution, for archiving purposes (also as a backup in case I need to reinstall my windows for some reasons).   


Btw, my notebook SKU/MTM,

Lenovo V330-14IKB 81B0006WID 

Windows 10 64-bit (Ver. 1809) 


Thank you for your time.

Fingerprint Manager Pro will not accept Windows password to setup

T440 – Windows 7

Trying to run initial setup of Fingerprint Manager Pro – it is asking for my windows password but it will not accept it


Tried Biometric from control panel but Windows cannot detect any biometric devices – I have installed every driver from the support page.

Lenovo Idea Pad – PC freezes out of sudden



I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 120 S and I have, until recently, not experienced any major issues.

2 months ago I started facing the following problem:


The PC screen freezes out of sudden and the laptop has to be rebooted if i want to be able to proceed with work.

I do not know what is the reason behind this issue. I do not know what is causing the Laptop PC to freeze out, so I cannot do anything to prevent this from happening.

In addition, these abrupt freezes are not related to doing one particular task. This being said, the issue emerges out of sudden and not during a particular task. Afterwards, all tasks are being lost.


Has someone of you also run to this problem – What triggers the PC to freeze?

What did you have to do to resolve it successfully?


Thanks beforehand,





Lenovo Y530 15ICH won't turn on

Hi, my name is Andrei,

I have a Lenovo Y530 that I bought recently (6-7 months ago) from the US, I had some minor issues before, but I solved them. Yesterday, I was on looking on internet and had to go to the kitchen, it went in sleep mode after 20 minutes, so I tried to turn it on (it appeared some windows error on the screen and restarted), the lights (keyboard, power button and logo from the back) were working, the only rare thing I was noticing was that the Num lock button was blinking a few times then stopped, the screen won’t turn on, I tried to enter on BIOS, unplug it, take out the battery, keep pressing the power button for 30 secs, check the RAM, the cables inside, the screen cable and port was ok, reset BIOS from the motherboard, the fans, hard drive and the SSD were fine, I tried the Windows button+Ctrl+Shift+B combination, inside was clean, no dust or corrosion over circuits, can anyone help me? 

I have to mention that I am a casual gamer and during gaming the temps were 37°C on Idle and 54°C while I was gaming for like 4h, so I don’t think that the temps are too high.


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