Impossible to enable bitlocker in Win 10 in Z710

My Z710 has Win 10 installed (thru upgrade from Win 8.1).


I tried to enable BitLocker but since there is no TPM chip, I was not allowed to enable it.


I read from some posts that I need to enable some config from within local policy first.  I did so but I still could not enable BitLocker.


Can somebody tell me what to do?



Yoga 920 glass keeps typing

I recently received a new yoga and i have used it without any issues for a couple days. Today it started to spam the backslash() key everytime I click on a text box and it has made the laptop basically unusable. What are some ways to try to fix it or can I send it back and get a replacement?

Lenovo Machine Type 10150 Family Type C560 Starts but shuts off immediately after Levono Emblim?



I am trying to service a customers All In One computer that shuts down imidiatly after turning on. The Levono Emblim posts and then it immidiately shuts down.


He said that he thinks it has a virus. I’m thinking that it is mechanical, a short or something alone those lines.


I have also swapped the harddrive with another mechanical narddrive and it makes a noise and shuts down even quicker. It does seem to post with a SSD without shuttng down but makes an error. I’ll try a different SSD making sure it has a working OS on it.


Any have this ex[perience and know how to fix it?





Yoga 720 Warranty Extension issue

My Yoga 720 13″ ( S/N xxxxx ) has been cycling through repairment centers for the whole year. There were problems related to wifi adapter, digitizer and display problems, hardware malfunctions (the mother board was even changed!). I have never had the clue to extend my warranty because i believed that Lenovo would refund me or would have swapped the laptop with another one (so with a new s/n ). The yoga came back from repairment center yesterday and it seems fine (except for the usual and well known “mouse pointer pixellation bug” and usual “wifi drops”) but I can live with this (hoping that I dont find other bugs in the near future).

The problem is that my warranty runs out the 11 september 2018. As I remember there was the possibility to extend the warranty by 2 years for a fair price (last time I checked was May) but right now the only option is “post warranty deposit /CC for 1 year” at 51 Euro.

What happended? Can somebody get this solved ? 

One more thing : lenovo gave me a coupon code to use for warranty (with the laptop) but it is not working! 



Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

why is Lenovo.Modern.ImController.PluginHost.CompanionApp.exe phoninghome?

My question is about this program


C:Program FilesLenovoiMControllerPluginHostLenovo.Modern.ImController.PluginHost.CompanionApp.exe
On my Windows 10 PC the Program version is from May 15, 2018


The program was started with this command line
-name 98b4ed2f-e201-443f-ae7e-a5a53228cddd -runas -pluginName LenovoContextEnginePlugin -pluginVersion


I have seen this program make outgoing connections on port 443 to and and and and Why is it phoning home? What does the program do?   

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