Ideapad 110-15ISK – HDD recovery fails- new drive, recovery USB hangs at 30%

Windows 10 froze.. System diagnostics / recovery wouldn’t work.

I was able to get to command prompt and use DOS Copy to save some user files. 

So I bought and put the exact same HDD in…… tried USB recovery and hung at 30%. (Yes I did all the BIOS stuff)

Then I tried DISKPART to format the NEW HDD. after research. Which the format worked. 


Then I tried the USB again and it hangs at 30% STILL.  

I have done similar in past on other manufacturers… no problem…


Any Suggestions? 




Yoga 730 auto power on?

I moved from a Dell which had a BIOS setting to auto power up (day of week and time) which was very useful. I can’t find any setting in the BIOS for a similar capability with my Yoga 730. Anyone have a solution?


Thanks. Great machine so far (1 week).



X1 carbon 2017 type c issue

My x1 carbon 2017 1st type-c port stop working today,no matter I reset the bios setting or restart my computer,it didn’t work,but the 2nd port works well.I used Lenovo Vantage to test hardware, no errors found.

Any advice/suggestions? What else can I try?

Y520 black gap around screen

Hi. I just realize my legion has screen gap at the left of screen and the top. The right and the bottom is good. No loosen bezel whatsoever but it’s annoying when playing video / games in full screen.


attached a picture to describe my problem.


Is this normal?


Does C930-13IKB's pen support tilt?

I can’t find any relative info on the web.


If it doesn’t support tilt, is there any pen that supports tilt and can be accomodated in C930’s pen silo?

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