Best Antivirus For Free

Hey so my mcafee subscription is ending soon and was wondering what options do I have in terms of anitivirus softwares.

This Toms Guide link is great but still I am confused what to use.

Y Gaming Precision Mouse – Driver software does not detect mouse.

Dear dirivers developers,


Please, create the drivers for updating the Lenovo Y Gaming Precison Mouse software.

When I connect mouse to Lenovo T540P Win10(64), mouse is detected and work ok, but like a “Mouse HID Compatible”.

But when I install latest software drivers and start software this give me message: 


Connect Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse to computer to start configure mouse”


My new mouse is connected.

When I click OK program closes.


I tried to connect to all USB ports. I tried to uninstall Mouse HID Compatible in Device Manager and first install Lenovo driver.

But the software does not detect the mouse.


My laptop is T540P 3K (20BE00B8MD)

OS: Win10(64) Pro, version 1803, compilation 17134.648

Mouse serial number (1S)GX30J07894Z14898SK 6A




Admin Edit: Split the message in two to mark as solved so its easier to find.

T480 (20L5S1S000) Display Settings only shows combined display

I just got a new T480, it is doing great, I only had one question:


When connecting a second display either by USB-C or HDMI, the display settings panel does not show the two distinct display squares that I am used to working with, it shows only one combined display:


This does not allow me to set the two displays with thier different optimal resolutions.  This laptop is Win 10 Home 64 with the Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620 graphics.  Is it possible to have two resolutions or must they be the same (lower of the two)?


thanks very much for any ideas,


Lenovo all in one c365 with a graphics card?

Hello. While this might sound like an easy question to solve, i’m still wondering the following: Can you install a GPU on a c365? If so, how? I’ve never found any tutorials on how to do so. I’d like to install the graphics card named as "GT 1030 OC 2G" from Gigabyte/nVIDIA/GeForce. This is my first time trying to install a GPU. Please help.

Lenovo Y520 Desktop Triple Monitor Setup

So I have had the PC for a little over a year now, and I have tried to used multiple monitors. I currently have 2 monitors but am wondering if there is a way to use 3? I found a third HDMI port on the back, but there is no hardware to connect it to a monitor (the port is covered by a piece of rubber).


Stupid thing I did:

I didn’t bother to look closely at the ports on the back, and came to the conclusion that there was only on HDMI port. So, I took to Amazon and bought an HDMI splitter. To my supprise, all it did was DUPLICATE the screen to a second monitor. Upon looking at the back again, I discovered a second and third HDMI port. Now I have a near useless HDMI splitter.

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