ThinkPad L570 compatible with Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB?

I am attempting to upgrade my L570 with the subject M.2 drive.  I have the tray and cable necessary.  When I put it all together, no hard drive shows up in the computer.  Tech support won’t help since the 960 EVO isn’t on the Lenovo parts list.  The support agent didn’t say they were incompatible, but he did intimate that.  Any ideas on how to make this work?

Testing product

Does anyone know if there is a way to get and to own a product “computer laptop, laptop” by testing it and giving reviews to the public, but at the same time let the developers know about the ‘kinks’ in the system or let us say how the developers could enhance it for the customer who uses the laptop the way I would?

I am doing research for a book series ‘fiction’ and the Lenovo that I have finally went 5o the great ”uter heaven with ALL of my research and chapters of the books! 

I have had the Lenovo since 2003 and up until just about a month ago it worked really well.

My back of “most” of my work was done by emailing it to myself.

I however did not backup everything especially the most crucial information.

I have been trying since to find the necessary funds and was if there is such a thing as I ”presume” a program for struggling authors who has “lost” the most crucial tool to success!

You may contact me by way of this forum or email.



Admin note: email address removed to prevent the spambots from gathering it.

Where to buy battery – Thinkpad 13 GJ

My Thinkpad 13 is a little over a year old. The battery has not been able to hold a charge. I finally figured out how to run a diagnostic and apparently I need a new battery. What type of replacement battery should I buy? Where? does not have any information.

X1 Carbon 6th gen throttles CPU when display is off

Hello world,

this is my first Lenovo Notebook (X1 Carbon 6th Gen) and my first post because i still have problems.

Did anybody else experience that as soon as the display goes off the fan noise becomes more quiet under full load (encoding a video).

I looked into XTU and the max CPU freuqency is throtteled as soon as display is off.

When display goes on it fan noise comes back to normal.

Thats quite bad, because i want to encode a video, go and drink a coffee, come back and then it should be finished instead of the notebook saving battery life ^^.

Maybe its something related to modern standby, that annoying thing.

Of course standby in Windows 10 is off, performance in BIOS is set to maximize performance in both options, windows energy state is on max performance and that power saving setting in lenovo vantage is off.

BIOS version is the most actual 1.28 but i also had this problem in the older firmware versions.

Help and experiences are much appreciated, hotline is not helpful, thanks.

All windows revert to small size after waking from sleep

I recently used the system update tool on my Thinkpad Carbon X1 v5.  Now every time the computer wakes from sleep or hibernate all the windows have been resized to small windows.  It’s like it thinks I have a lower screen resolution than I do, then realizes the correct resolution.  I’ve checked the resolution settings and they are all correct.


Thanks for your help.




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