Scuffs & Scratches on Screen made by Keyboard

Hello there, 


I own various lenovo products but after using it for about 6 months or more i notice marks on the screen that is a result of the lcd resting on the keyboard on every single machine.


the most obvious scuffs are the space bar and middle track point button, the track point also can be noticed. why is this so and whats the solution.


i place no weights or store my machines in any way that would place stress on the lcd to rest pressing against the keyboard.



Recommendations for a yoga 2 pro battery replacement?

I'm receiving the Lenovo newsletter from the wrong country

Hi! For some reason I’m getting the Lenovo newsletter from Lenovo Australia. Every time I get it I click the unsubscribe button but it doesn’t help. And I would like to get my local newsletter instead. What could I do?

Lenovo Y520-15IKBN screen colors

Hi, I bought a lenovo y520 Y520-15IKBN (80WK) and I really don’t like the display colors. In movies the colors are yellowish and the dark parts are too much dark. And the red is orange :/ I tried to change the colors in intel graphics settings or the screen calibration but I can’t get this right.


Anyone has some intel color settings or some icc profile or screen calibration settings that can help me?

Windows 10 update from 15063 on ThinkPad W520



My laptop has been trying to update from 15063 for a few weeks now but constantly fails and rollback with no explanation. Has anyone successfully upgraded the ThinkPad W520?


I’ve tried the Windows 10 Troubleshooter which seems to fix a couple of things but the update still fails


What else can I try?

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