Recovery DVDs for ThinkPad T520



I just recovered my ThinkPad T520 from recovery DVDs I burnt out few years and the DVDs are probably so old that my DVD driver in the laptop couldn’t read them (or maybe the drive is almost dead…). Anyway I put the SSD from laptop into PC and there I run the DVDs, it worked smoothly… then I moved the SSD to laptop and wow it works. I want to burn fresh recovery DVDs, however pressing on partition Q: Lenovo Recovery I get this error: "The files required by this program cannot be found". I’ve been googling for solution and I couldn’t find any working for me. I was able only to burn first boot DVD, but no luck with data DVDs. Could you please post valid solution for this or even better: upload ISO images of data DVDs for ThinkPad T520 (or any other format that can be easily burnt without any data loss) ? Thanks.

RNDIS USB ethernet drivers needed

An application I require needs a wired network connection to reduce network latency.


The firmware on the mirage solo seems to have the usb tethering option disabled.


I have attempted to use the usb ethernet option from usb settings in the developer menu to enable the connection but it doesn’t appear that the driver installed on the PC side supports the RNDIS network adapter.


Can someone please provide a solution to create a wired usb-ethernet connection to the headset.

As an alternate (but less ideal) solution), if there is a usb or usb-c gigabit ethernet adapter with android/daydream supported drivers available I would consider that as an acceptable workaround.  I’d rather just use a single usb-c cord to the laptop though for portability reasons.

Lost Laptop

Has anyone dealt with Lenovo losing their laptop when it is sent in for repairs? I sent it in 6 weeks ago and have been spending the past 3 weeks trying to get it back or even get an update on it. I keep being told I’m going to get an update on it within 24, 48, or 72 hours… then nothing. So I have to start everything over again. I’ve been told they can’t find any updates, I’ve been told it has shipped back to be already, then again that they can’t find any updates…

Is there a way to actually get an answer or even better a replacement since it seems like they have lost it. I need it back for work on Monday… which is unfortunately after when I’m supposedly supposed to get my next "update."

Lenovo k8 note battery drain

 Hi my phone is getting out of charging very quickly. I am facing severe problem with the fast draining of battery. Hope the solution of the problem will be given soon


Hi, i want share with you my problem

today was i bad day,I received a message from windows that said to urgently update the bios to the 4KCN44WW version, i’m not so good with this things, so i thought it was "important" if it was "urgent", and i did it, i started this update, but then the update was done, black display, I’ve been waiting a long time (45min) but my laptop was death, so i tried to look a solution on internet the solutions said to go on the bios with this reset button and then the flask bios etc etc enabled, i did it! but it has not work. 
I was in a panic i dont know what i had to do, but the i did more and more time this thing, i tried 100 solution but nothing, but then i was for the least time on the bios and i did this "default settings" and i have enable this flask bios etc etc and now the laptop is working with the bios 4KCN44WW,  i dont know why, can  someone explain why now it his working? I’m afraid that now the bios can give me problems in the future, it will be so? what i have to do now?

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