P330 Tower Fan Noise



i have a P330 Tower with the i7-8700.

I´m doing mainly 3D-CAD, Solidworks and Cinema4D.

I´m quite happy with the performance of the workstation.

The only thing i don´t like is the noise when the cpu is on 100%.

It is very loud, sounds like a hairdryer….

This appears quite often, everytime i start a rendering.

I already tried the different fan settings in the bios (acoustic or thermal performance), but it doesn´t  change.


Is there another cpu-fan available from Lenovo?

Or can I change the fan myself without losing the warranty?


Thanks a lot for any help


System process is not responding

My Lenovo tab A10-70 will not start whatever I do. I try to reset, nothing happens. Oh yes, I get so far as to my desktop but it’s hang up and I can’t do nothing except for waiting. Finally I got this message "the system process is not responding". What does it mean and what can I do? 

I hear the notification sound while my laptop is powered down.

I was sitting next to my backpack where my laptop was sitting inside, and it sounded like it was getting a bunch of notifications. This was odd because the device wasn’t even on. I powered it up just to be sure and as I thought it was indeed turned off. Why is this happening and is there something I need to do?

M710q Desktop cant enter BIOS or BOOT menu

Dear Team


One of our clients recently acquired a couple of M710q ThinkCenter Tinny desktops and they wanted to install Win 10 on them but they could not enter BIOS or boot menu wtih standard F1 and F10 commands. Is there another way to do this for this type of machine or are they missing some steps.


Please advise.

Thank you.


Vedran Martinovic

Battery gauge reset doesn't work

After upgrading my T430 from Win7 to Win10, Lenovo’s PM v6 didn’t work any longer. So I installed Lenovo Vantage and tried to perform a battery gauge reset. However, it either finished quickly with the error "calibration failed. shutting down." or it started "Step 1 of 3, calibrating to full charge". But even after reaching 100% charge it didn’t continue with "step 2 of 3, calibrating to low battery". Instead it stays there for hours and hours, until I stop it. no decharging is happening.

During one out of many tries I ran so far, it did come to "step 2 of 3" but since no discharge happened (it’s still connected to AC as instructed), it stayed in this step for a day until I stopped the reset again.


Am I missing something here? How do I perform a successful reset with all 3 cycles, ie "full charge, full decharge, full re-charge"?

Thanks for any hints.


Cheers, Chris

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