Miix 520 cannot boot after Intel video driver update V.

My Miix 520 is failing to boot after installing the newest video driver from Lenovo Vantage:

Intel VGA Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) – Miix 520-12IKB (Type 20M3, 20M4, 81CG)

And it requires a considerable amount of suffering to get rid of it…


Does anyone else have similar issues?

IdeaCentre AIO 520-27IKL – Removing The Rear Cover



I’m needing help in removing the rear cover of my machine, please? I’ve looked through other forum posts which has helped me find the PSREF for my machine – it is the F0D0000CUK model.


I have found the Hardware Maintenance manual produced by Lenovo (1041424905.pdf) which is quite precise and shows that I need to remove a screw after the optical drive has been removed.


But I do not have an optical drive – instead there is just a plastic cover (blanking plate). How do I remove that plastic cover with out breaking something? Or should I be doing something different?






Lenovo Legion y530 lock screen wallpaper problem

Hello, I am having a problem with my lock screen wallpaper.

After a few days when I bought (October first week) my y530, I had one wallpaper showing up (first picture) I ignored that for a month, every time it got more and more hating. I check the windows C:WindowsWeb that picture wasn’t there I didn’t download the picture, I am the only one who has access to the laptop. When it popped up I changed it but from half a day later to 1 week it changed to the one. 

What should I do?



Network problem started after 5 Nov update in k8 plus

After updating k8 plus of security update of 5 nov, a new problem started in my phone i.e after turning off data and again when i try turn on my data connection then sometime LTE signal disappeared and showing Not connected. Then i have to either restart my device or turn on aeroplane mode then turn off. Pls fix this problem bcoz it has started after update

Flex 5 fan noise

I brought the laptop (Flex 51570) 2 weeks back. I havn’t even started using it regualry. When I start using it, it have large fan noise and it always have it. Even just browsing (chrome) and with skype, it have huge fan noise. Is it normal with this series or any update/fix is available ?

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