Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock – WQHD and UWQHD @ 60hz?

Hello folks,

i would like to buy a WQHD and pair with my exising setup of TB3 Dock + LG 34UC98-W (UWQHD).

Question 1: Has anyone tried this setup and can confirm it works @60Hz? I have seen simmilar question for 2xWQHD and seems to be working where.

Question 2: Does anyone uses the TB3 dock with TB connection to LG 34UC98-W? If yes, what cable do you use?



W530 Motherboard Loose Contact – Shuts off suddenly

Hello everyone,


I just got a used W530 which doesn’t want to boot and shuts off suddenly when it eventually does. 


I found a way to keep the power on and that was to press and hold the area just above the CPU on the frame right above where that white rectangular part is.  Before it’s warmed up and I can use the computer normally if I let go of the pressure it can shut off.

I removed the fan and re-applied thermal paste, didn’t make any difference.


What seemed to make a difference is place a piece of small cardboard between the frame and the white rectangular part to mimic that pressure.


Anyone has had experience with this problem?  Ideally I would like to locate where the loose contact is but my electronic knowledge is limited 😀 !  Thanks all!


Keyboard not working on Ideapad 320-15IKB

Hello all,

after updating the bios drive the keyboars did’nt work and driver is correctly installed but it is written for thikpad 

please help

X380 rotation lock greyed out and not working

Hi since I have upgrade the BIOS to R0SET29W 1.13  seems that the rotation lock is disable and the autorotation does not work anymore, has sombody the same behavior?

I tried everything including reset PC fully, Please help!!!!

Red X in system status bar, why?

Lenovo tab 4 plus 10" and Android 7.1.1

The system status bar contains two icons each with four vertical bars with increasing height. I presume they indicate some form of signal strength. The one on the right is greyed and has a red X above it. I wonder what this means. I have both WiFi and LTE (mobile dada) enabled and they both seem to function fine. I used the tablet for a couple of weeks with no sim card, just WiFi on, and the X was there already then. I thought it was because of sim missing. Now with brand new sim card the X remains. I’m not sure if there was just one icon earlier (without sim) or both existed already. I’ve restarted several times and updated system. I’ve tried to switch WiFi and mobile data on and off but the red X remains all the time. Sreenshot included.

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