Lenovo ThinkStation P330 – not able to enter BIOS nor PXE-boot (lenovo logo is not showing)

As the subject claims, I have a Lenovo ThinkStation P330 which I cannot enter BIOS on nor PXE-BOOT on.
When the computer starts, nothing is shown on the monitor no matter what button i press (F1, F2, F12, FN-keys, Enter, Escape etc) but it successfully boots into the OS. The Lenovo logo or any other information from BIOS/POST is not shown on the monitor, is this a known issue?


I’ve tried restarting the device, change keyboard, change monitor, change display-cables (DVI and HDMI and dvi+hdmi) without any succes. What can I do to make the device successfully enter BIOS and/or PXE-boot?

bios update

My lenovo said it needed to update the bios, then asked the following question: "This BIOS is only for Lenovo ideapad 110-14/BR Are you sure you want to update this BIOS on this machine?" I am confused by the "-14" part of the model name. My laptop model is 110-15/BR.


I don’t want to update the BIOS if its wrong because the BIOS is too important to accidentally break.


Does anyone have advice for this.

Defender blocks Vantage

W10 (x64) Defender keeps blocking the Vantage updates. Could someone help me include the correct pathways exceptions please? I would not have a clue what to add and what not to add. Thanks.

Compatibility Ideapad 330s with SSD M2 Samsung 970 Evo plus

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 330s 15′ and I want to buy a Samsung 970 Evo plus PCIe Nvme 2280. But the connector is different from the Optane accelerator that comes from the factory on this laptop, which has 2 "cuts" instead of a "cut" like that ssd m2 of samsung. Would anyone know if it’s compatible?

3 monitors tio27 but no image just sleep mode

We’ve bought 3 monitors but when we connect to the computer we can’t see nothing, just black screen and the led is yellow, before the yellow led and black screen the monitor says "dp mode" and then "sleep mode".


It’s terrible because we bought this 3 news monitor to improve our work but we cannot use them, the computers are common computers. One is a DELL computer with windows 10 os, and a 1x VGA and a 1x HDMI port, but none of these ports works with the lenovo monitor, the others PC are 2x ACER computers with windows 7 os, and with 1x VGA port and 1x DVI port and even we cannot see nothing.


I disconnect everything,  with original VGA-DP port adaptaer, HDMI-DP port adapter and DVI-DP port adapter. Even I removed and put again the battery from the motherboard, but nothing happened.

I don’t know what to do to use these monitors as a normal one, and I can’t understand why is so complicated, Is the first time I see a problem like this with a display …


Anyone can help me? I’ll be depply grateful.



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