Lenovo Explorer: the headset stopped working/wont start anymore after 10 days without issue

I am running a Lenovo Explorer WMR headset on Windows 10 with all recent Windows updates and GPU drivers installed on an Acer Laptop with both Intel and Nvidia graphics card. The headset plugged into the HDMI port of the laptop worked fine even at 90 Hz for more than a week with serveral reboots and unpluggin in between.

Then it suddenly stopped working. If I plug in the headset the Mixed Reality Portal still detects the headset and its movement is shown in the Mixed Reality Portal. However, the display of the headset stays black. When I change the settings from 90 Hz to 60 Hz the Mixed Reality Portal says “Ready” but event the movement of the headset is not shown anymore.

I have seen a lot of forum posts about the display of the headset staying black. Often this seems to be realted to some hardware issue but in my case it worked flawlessly for several days before and I did not change anything in my hardware so I’m sure my hardware is OK and I’m wondering how this can be fixed by software settings.

Any ideas?

X1 Carbon 6th gen 3 monitors no longer working (hdmi+hdmi+dp)

For the first couple weeks I was able to run 3x 1080p monitors just fine using two display ports and an hdmi port. This morning when I docked my computer I could only get two to work. I can disable one then enable another and get all three working but only in sets of two. 


I tested two of my coworkers laptops on my dock and all three monitors work fine. Also when I boot all three work until the Windows splash screen then one goes dark. 


If I try to enable the third one:


It acts like it’s connected but the display remains dark and I lose my mouse cursor. I can stll move the mouse and see the hover overs but the cursor is gone. 


I’m thinking this is a windows driver/firmware issue. In device manager I see all three: 



But can’t seem to get all three to work at once. 


I’ve tried reinstalling both the Thunderbolt drivers and the display drivers with no luck. Any ideas? I’d like to avoid completely reinstalling Windows as I know that’ll probably be a suggestion. 


Update: I can actually get three monitors to work if I do hdmi+dp+vga. However I’d like to avoid VGA as I get some weird wavy artifacts and it’s VGA…

P520 drive bays 3/4

I just got our first P520…TopSeller.  Based on my experiences with the P500/P510, I was expecting 4 3.5" bays, but there are only 2.  The metal on the case has the numbers 3 and 4 on it, so I’m assuming I need to add an option to get these bays?  Where would I get this option part number?  I checked Lenovo’s site and the option compatibility matrix, but don’t see anything.

Display is Smeared

My display is smeared like this example. What causes this

Gamepad on k8plus

I’m not able to attach amkette Evo wired gamepad to my Lenovo k8 plus…on connecting the lights on gamepad spark up…but nothing works…the gamepad is working fine in other phones..

Please help…

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