Lenovo A730 Starts very slow

My A730 takes 15 minutes to start up. What could be the problem??

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External disk

I need more disk space, between 1 – 3 TB. What would be the best choice for my Lenovo Yoga 720? This is Lenovo Yoga 720 72013IKB. Is the thunderbolt any good? And would the Lenovo Win-10 support it? Or should I stay with an USB disk?

Please advice me!

Lenovo G50-45 model 80E3

Hello. Recently i have a problel with my laptop. So, today i have poweder my laptop and it’s powered but stay 5 seconds and shut down automatically. I press the powe buton again, it’s powering again and show black screen (the screen don’t powering).  Again stay 5-6 seconds and then it’s restarting automatically and then booting up normally. 


Where is the problem? 

A solution for this problem please!!! 

I have maked upgrade to bios but i don’t have problems with it. This problem is recently appear 🙁 . A solution for this problem please!!! 

Sorry for my bad English!

Lenovo Y0-70 Fps drops

i have a 2year old y50-70 while gaming starcraft 2 on medium settings i got 1fps while in fights but comes back to 45-60fps whiles there are no fights. already cleaned the fans replace thermal paste. still having problems my max temp goes to 74 degrees in fights then comes back to 60degrees. can someone help?

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