latest Thinkcentre 920m SFF i7-9700 – what graphics cards will fit..?

Does anyone know the details of the mobo and the space situation inside the case?


PC model #10SJCTO1WW


Many thanks!

Ideapad L340 Gaming slow wifi speed

I just bought an Ideapad L340 Gaming off of Amazon and have attempted to update all that I know, including the bios and have made sure the power plan is on maximum performance. The wireless adapter says it has the most updated driver but I cannot seem to get the speed over 12-15mbps. When plugged directly in with a cable its around 200mbps. My phone is getting about 60mbps so I do not think its a problem with the router. There must be something I am missing.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

DE4000H how to create RAID 10

In this Product Guide


i read


The following functions are included with every ThinkSystem DE4000H: RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10: Provide the flexibility to choose the level of performance and data protection required.


When i want to chose "Create Volume Group", i don’t see RAID 10
Available only RAID 0,1,5,6
Who know, how to create RAID 10 volume group?


X1 yoga gen 4 touchscreen stoped working

I bought this laptop one month ago, but my touchscreen doesn’t work for no reason, the Wacom device can not be detected, I tried to reinstall the driver it says no supported device detected. Does anyone know what should I do, if I need to send this laptop back for repair how long it will take?


* I downloaded the Wacom device driver says:

   a supported tablet was not found on the system


DOES ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE!!! I have a presentation at the end of this month, and I need it.


Yoga Ran Out of Battery

Okay, it ran out of battery, naturally I plugged it in. Now it will not turn on. I get a red flashing light where the plug is inserted into the laptop and white light on the power button. But not activity nor any other light. 


What do I do? I cannot lose this data. 



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