IdeaPad 330-15ARR Ryzen 3 2200u VRAM

Games tell me that I only have 256MB of VRAM available. I upgraded my system RAM from 4GB to 8GB but my VRAM size has not changed. Is there a way to adjust how much the system allocates so I can take advantage of the RAM upgrade? I’ve looked in the BIOS but I don’t see anything there.

Lenovo Legion Y520 only shows Video RAM as 128MB in Condor 2 setup

 After installing flight simulator program Condor 2 in the Lenovo Legion Y520, the Setup Screen for Condor 2 shows the following under the item heading  "Intel (R) HD Graphics 630" :

"Video Ram 128 MB   Below min specs."

 Diagnostics check on the Lenovo shows the graphics card passes all tests and the actual video memory is 6 GB .

What is the solution to correct this error

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Thinkpad E560 with OneLink Pro Dock not working


We have 3 Thinkpad E560s and 3 OneLink Pro Docks, which have never worked properly.  We gave up on them a while back, but I’m trying to get one working again, and thought I would look for suggestions here.


They simply don’t work together.  The Thinkpads don’t seem to recognize the docks at all when connected.







X1 WQHD 300 nit or 500 nit?



I’m about to purchase a X1 with a WQHD  screen. I’m torn if I should go with the 500 nit one. I’ve had thinkpads for about 10 years and never with a glossy screen so thats kinda one thing thats keeping me from getting it. But I also work as a photographer so color accuracy is good. But I have external hardware calibrated monitors for that. Have anyone of you any advise?


I currently havea t450S with tha 1980×1080 screen. Should i just get a x1 with that setup?

What's the maximum RAM can support on my Lenovo G50-80?

I have a Lenovo G50-80 Laptop.

This Machine Model Type is – 80E502Q6IH

The serial number is – *******

Now I want to upgrade the RAM.

There are 2 slots present.

How much Maximum RAM can be supported on my device?


Edit notes: Removed the serial number for members’s protection , MTM  can be sufficient to provide variant and machine specifications.

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