G570 hangs up on recovery disk 2 copy data

When attempting to run recovery disks it will not get past Recovery Disk 2 – Copy Data.  It will get stuck on Recovery process is running, please don’t remove your power adapter.  Current item: Copy Data.  Any ideas?  Thank you in advance.

Lenovo Battery Management

Hello, forums,


I have reoccurring issues that have come to my attention ever since I started taking my laptop away from constantly being charged. The issue is that, when plugged, my battery reader reads "plugged, discharging" or "plugged, not charging" but can sometimes say that it is charging. What I am assuming is that it’s Lenovo’s battery management to "preserve my battery". But what ends up happening is that the battery slowly goes down to the point where it is 50% after an hour of usage. I’m extremely annoyed by this.


Anyone have a solution to fix this "discharging" or "not charging" issue? I’ve tried Lenovo Vantage but it seems to have no effect.


T460s – Replacement Battery Questions – Out of stock

Hi all,


Quick question on battery replacements.. I have a T460s whose second battery recently showed it was having issues (on 46% of max charge available). I thought replacing the battery would be trivial but this is proving an exercise in futility.


For reference the laptop type is: 20F9

The battery in question is FRU: 01AV406


When I check this battery against the replacements site (https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/partslookup), it indicates that the battery is out of stock. It also indicates that there are a few replacement options, 01AV407, 01AV408, 01AV405. All of which are also not in stock.


After chatting with support on this issue, I was advised to call the parts department a partner – Encompass. Unfortunately, their department closes at 3pm PST which is pretty annoying. However when I search for the part (01AV406) on their website (https://lenovo.encompass.com), I’m left with an additional alternative 01AV462 (also out of stock but at least in stock 1/29).


My question is, which of these sites to believe or are these all compatible? I find this a little absurd that this information is so unclear and annoying that Lenovo can’t keep anything in stock.

Double all that since I want to replace my primary battery as well (which will be back in stock on 3/10/19). Insert eye roll here.


Any advice anyone can shed here would be apprciated or any other tips for getting these batteries replaced.

Headset HMD Fell off , broken plastic

Im usually sitting and never bumped into any walls with the hmd and went to pick up my Lenovo Explorer from where its laying on a table and the plastic just snapped off, still 356 days of warranty left but trying to navigate these pages is one giant mess.


So now what ?, will try to talk to where i bought it from but im pretty sure they will just tell me to go here.


Got a friend who has the same headset his hinge fell off mine’s fine just the plastic that holds the entire thing is broken.


X1E X1 Extreme throttles at 80C with BIOS Virtualization On

My X1E is throttling at 80C when Virtualization is turned on in the BIOS.  It throttles at 100C when it is turned off (assuming Intelligent Cooling is off and power/battery settings are at highest performance.  This drastically affects performance negatively (using Benchmark in XTU and Cinebench CPU drops can be 20 to 30%).  Other people have been having 80C throttle issues and generally they are solved by turning off Intelligent Cooling and setting power/battery settings to highest performance, but this is a different issue that most people won’t see unless they have Virtualization on in the BIOS .

Any way to throttle at 100c with Virtualization ON in the BIOS?  I and other people need this for Docker for Windows and we need the performance!  Does this have anything to do with Meltdown and Speculative Execution?   Can it be overridden?

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