Automatic Repair Loop Issue/Or Help With Backup y700 ideapad Before Reset

I was using my laptop when suddenly my screen froze, so I held the power button and restarted my pc. When I restarted it though it said Preparing Automatic Repair…, and sent me to Automatic Repair couldn’t repair my pc. This was the first time I’ve encountered this. I started looking for solutions online, but none of them resolved the problem, I startup repaired, system restored, and tried the command prompt (registry said I have 0 bytes). I tried doing a reset(not a factory) and it said there was a problem resetting your pc. I then went to the Lenovo Recovery where it sent me to the Onekey Recovery screen. I wanted to resolve this problem without losing my important files and data, but I don’t know how to. Now each time I boot my laptop it only enters to the Onekey Recovery screen, and in that screen I also can’t open my command prompt.

Could someone help me with backing up my data or resolving this loop, I really don’t want to lose my files.

P.S. I don’t really know much about computers 🙁

Thinkpad Yoga 2nd Gen OLED (Screen Flickering/Horizontal Bars)

I’ve been having similar issues as the other people on this board with the OLED screen. 


It started off, only being an issue when below a certain percentage and would go back to normal after incrases the brightness, then eventually became where it didn’t matter the brightness. Sometimes it would be blue bars across the screen, when it’s really bad, the screen would have a dark red hue and black bars. Sometimes the blue bars would go away if I turn off the display, but eventually come back. 


But I sent it in for repairs, but the issue is, the problem is the issue isn’t consistent. According to the website they managed to fix the device all in one day, is there anyway to figure out what they did to the laptop? I’m worried they recieved the laptop and when they  turned on the laptop, they didn’t see the issue and just sent it back. Because right before I shipped it, the screen was working fine at that moment. I’m only trying to get everything done, before semester starts back in January and before my warranty expires.


(While the OLED screen is very beautiful, I honestly don’t trust it to hold up.) 

I want to add a second ssd, but I'm not sure what should I choose.

 I have a Thinkpad T480s(20L7CTO1WW | 20L7), which already has a 256 GB Solid State Drive, PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.0 M.2. Which type of ssd should I buy to add on to it? Thank you guys very much.

Thinkpad P1 won't boot after change to Discrete graphics

Bought a Thinkpad P1 Type 20MD two days ago. Yesterday I went into the BIOS and changed the graphics from hybrid to discrete (because screen text was blurry and poor performance).


After saving the settings and rebooting, the screen was black/blank. It never even made it to the Lenovo splash screen. I tried all the keys to try to get into BIOS and several reboots had no effect.


I contacted Lenovo support, a day later a tech called me and tried some troubleshooting steps (to no avail). After reading some similar forum posts, I suggested having the motherboard replaced. The tech agreed and several hours later I’m waiting again for another tech to call to schedule a replacement.


This seems to be a very common issue with the P1 and X1 and I’m not seeing Lenovo acknowledge it. I can’t recommend the laptop at this point, especially not knowing if I will ever be able to use discrete graphics and have a screen that isn’t blurry.


Posting this for others that are struggling with the hope Lenovo might step up and offer some real support.

Lenovo Support Escalation Help

I need help with escalation of a support issue I’m having.  I was one of the many unforutnate people who purchased a Yoga 730 2in1 laptop that developed the screen flashing problem.  I sent the laptop in for repair before going on vacation, but never received any notification or email regarding the status.  When I got home, I logged in to check the status and was pleasantly suprised to learn it had been repaired and shipped with an expected delivery date of last Thursday.  On Thursday, when it hadn’t arrived, I logged back in and checked the tracking number only to find out it had a delivery exception due to incorrect address (it was shipped to somewhere in Idaho (not the state I live in).  I called immediately and was told they would recall the unit and have it shipped right back out to me (they verified they had the correct address).  I was told I would receive an email notifying me of the new tracking information.  By Wednesday of this week, I had heard nothing so I called again.  I checked the tracking information again and it now showed delivered to the Idaho address.  I had to start over with my story and was then told they would escalate the issue to a manager and I would get a response within 3 days.  Surprise, 3 days later there is no response!  I called again and am now being told a supervisor will call me back tonight (not holding my breath).  


Has anyone had any luck with esclation and is there a specific number or person I can request to speak to? Given the quality issue and lack of responsiveness,  I will never buy a Lenovo product again! 

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