Z50-75 – Freezing after some min after startup

Hi, hi have trouble with my pc freezing all the time now after some min after startup. I go on my laptop, trying to log in and when im in and going to open a game my pc freeze… idk what to do because my screen is frozen. I try turning of my pc but it still freeze help i have a lenovo z50-75



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Lenovo Legion Y520 performance issues and 100% disk usage

I bought a lenovo legion y520 couple months ago and the performance has been horrible.

It has an i5-7300HQ and an GTX 1060 Max-Q 3GB, 8gb of DDR4 ram and a 1 terabyte hdd.


The laptop is really slow, mainly because the disk and ram are always in high usage even when im not really doing anything and barely any programs are open (only programs that are always open are discord, steam and google). In game the processor is over 85% usage, the disk is 100% and ram is 80-90%.

I have tried alot of different solutions to fix these issues like disabling and/or uninstalling some programs to changing the power settings to max performance. I already have sent this laptop to lenovo once and they changed some parts which did improve the gaming performance, the fps increased from 20 to 40 fps in overwatch on low settings to 50 to 70 in medium settings. I have reset the laptop completely to factory settings twice already and that has not helped at all, i would like to hear if you had some solutions to this problem!


From time to time I have been able to install Vantage without loging into my MicroSoft account. This morning I helped a frined installing W10 and now again the store is asking for my MS account. 


How come?

Legion Y520/ Screen recording error

Can you help me with the screen recording Lenovo community? When I click on the screen recording button, it shows the recording icon and when I end up with the recording and play the recording file, It displays blank recording.  


WiFi EAP-SIM on Lenovo K8 Note

Hello Support,


I am facing very strange issue on my device Lenovo K8 Note.

My nework provider supports to connect to thier hot spots using EAP-SIM method.


When I try to connect it gets Saved automaticlly and dosen’t connect at all.


I contacted my network provider and they did all things on thier end including issuing new SIM card. But issue not resolved and they said it might be a bug in the device.


Would you please check it and let me know what can be wrong?


I am facing this issue since last few months and so far was escalted to Network Provider and they have confirmed that it is nothing wrong from Network.


Best regards

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