Yoga 370 suspends when going from Laptop to Stand mode

While sitting in a seminar/lecture, most times when I fold the screen backwards to go from standard laptop mode into stand mode, where the keyboard is face down on my legs, my 2 yr old Yoga 370 suspends and goes into sleep mode. It will come out of sleep mode, so it is not getting stuck there. It is just frustrating that whenever I do the conversion between the 2 modes it frequently suspends.


How is it happening?
I fold the screen/lid back until it is almost one continuous horizontal line with the keyboard.

I hold the screen/lid on both sides and lift it up vertically.

I place the bottom edge of the laptop body on my legs and gently fold the screen/lid further backwards to put it into stand mode.

When the lid starts to go backwards, beyond the straight line, the suspension starts.

It is doing this 3 times out of 4.


I can go into the Event viewer and see a number of "Kernel-Power" events for the same time.

131 – Firmware S3 times

130 – Suspension start

105 – power source change

42 – system is entering sleep – Reason: button or lid

107 – resumed from sleep

1 – sytem time changed











and that all happens in a few seconds.


Any thoughts/suggestions? I only took out the standard 1 year warranty – my bad.

X1 yoga 4 gen Camera not working



I am facing the same problem as many posts before: when using the camera, the only image shown  is a cross line over the camera picture.


I have tried to setup 1) Privacy 2) drivers many times but it all seems to fail. I am wondering if there are any other things I forgot to check or should I simply call the hardware repair of Lenovo? In particular, is there anyway knowing if the hardware is broken or not installed correctly? Thanks for the reply in advance!

planning to upgrade ram in ideapad 310

 Physically i could see only slot, it has 4 gb ram but system shows 8gb, i dont know whether my laptop has 8gb ram or 4 gb ram.

what is maximum limit for upgrade ram in ideapad 310.

Sim 2 is showing suspended

When I switch data to my 2nd sim that is BSNL from sim 1 that is jio, it starts showing suspended. And sim 1 totally lost the network.please help


Thanks, In Advance

Graphics dock loopback possible?


I’ve seen other eGPUs that do this, processing frames and feeding it back to use the integrated laptop monitor.

Does the graphics dock allow this? Or do you absolutely have to use a second screen?

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